The Big Frieghter

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  • Hello Swatters

    Ok who wants to go in halves on a 4 billion credit ship? LOL Time to start running those cargo runs or mining for those diamonds. It's going to be nice to stores ships and cargo.:help:

  • :) .. it will be seen tomorrow (less as 24 hours) what all can be done with the fleet carrier (FC) :) . One from possible ways how to get rich "quickly" is also use of wing massacre missions in wars (ideally in wing of four cmdrs which shares together these wing missions). Few weeks ago I raised my finances up by almost 1B during four 'war' days.

    Link: Frontier YouTube channel
  • That's a lot of cashola :) I think I have 70mil I should get busy. Wow your Triple Elite that is amazing Martind . Have you played Star Citizen , is it stable yet? I am a Supporter paid 150.00 7 years ago. Can't wait to use my Freelancer Ship.

  • I play elite now for 4,5 year ... money slowly increase, they never were any real problem (overall assets crossed last week 9B). I do not have yet federation rank to buy corvette and want also build T10 for casual mining. There isn't rush, when I'm in mood for make new ship, I go for it. The longevity of this game is for me however the background simulation (called BGS) and squadron supported minor faction where I'm involved the most. ... with occasional exploration and numerous other activities (guardians or witch hut nebula expansion etc.) to avoid burnout which is unavoidable if you do similar things only for too long.

  • And for SC ... well, to be honest this game isn't my interest. Starting with hardware needs and slowness of its development, and also it's flight model which is (imo) few lvls worse when compared to Elite D., there are numerous reasons why I'm only very rarely reading news related to it. It's also very questionable if this game will be released at all ...

  • Unfortunately I've been away from ED for about 6 mths, having only played it for 6 mths previously. I was just getting into it, but 6 mths absence is fatal for me because of my very poor short term memory. I've had a similar experience with CF2.0, for which I've made a small contribution producing System Maps and posting the same at WIKI. Its a matter of starting again with CF2.0 and/or ED which is very sad in the case of CF2.0 as it prevents me building on what I already new, but now forgotten. :hmmmm: So I think its back to ED and having to re-learn a lot less than I would for CF2.0. Such it is for an old man about to turn 80. ;)

    Sorry …… bit off thread topic ….. just needed to let it out. :tommy: