Glitch in Venn

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  • Hi guys. I am currently on a mission in inner core, specifically in a very dangerous place and hostile system called venn. The problem is that I can't enter the next jumpgate, it seems close and won't let me in. Am I not invited?:rtfm: I am suppose to enter but my ship kept on going on circle around the gate, like it is searching for something. While my ship is doing this, the

    bas@£%&tard aliens are pounding me to dust.:schimpf:I attempted 9 times of this 100 plus kilometer of torture and misery to no avail.:verrueckt: Somebody tell me what to do. :sos:

  • If you manually position yourself right in the spot that would normally start the docking cinematics for you, you could "instant dock", that should help... or call your don kavash brothers ? (as reinforcements)

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