Dom'Kavash Anihilator

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  • Hello, so I'm trying to get my ship to have those big and powerful weapons to upgrade from the Ancient weapons. Problem is I'm in a good relation with Dom'Kavash and wouldn't want to start hunting their fighters.

    Is there a way to get their weapons without killing them? Buy them from a station or something?

  • ask one of the Clans to buy from their shops - they may have the DKAs and even more interesting wepons you may consider buying

    good flying mate

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  • only possible if you are talking about MP that is Multy Player mate :) :)

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  • Hello Detrol2k,

    you can get two Dom'Kavash Annihilators by destroying the Nomad City (classified as a wreck) in Lost Paradise system.

    Another 10 Annihilators are dropped from 5 DK motherships in Hyperspace when they are destroyed (that won't affect your reputation because those 5 motherships are considered wrecks too, although they will fight back when attacked).

    But anyway, reputation with Dom'Kavash shouldn't be of much concern to you, because you can always raid Dervon again and fix it ;)

  • "Best guns" and "best ships" are up to each player, there's no ship that has more of "everything" than the rest, same as no guns with more both hull and shield and optimal fire rate than others. Depends on your tactics n stuff. Some are better for shields, some for hull, some for quick dogfighting, etc.

    There is a list of weapons though if you want to compare data. Normally coalition, and alien guns are seen as better than normal.

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