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  • Ahoy M8's!

    I'm doing some deep space exploration, just mainly collecting system data and came across something freaky today and hoped someone could explain what exactly I experienced.

    Keep in mind I know about Black Holes & Neutron Stars, although beyond YouTube videos have never been to one (As far as I know).

    I was heading towards the core of the galaxy, not exactly center but close; I'm about half way to half way if that makes any since when something that seriously freaked me out happened.

    I jumped to the next system and something threw me away from the star as soon as I came out of hyper jump, I didn't see anything just stars whipping past me; it caught me so off guard I hesitated doing anything for a few seconds beyond "HOLY SNIKES" what was that!

    I turned around and that star was about half the size of the three quarter circle in the canter of the HUD, you know the one that you line up to jump to your way point.

    I turned around to head back towards the star and got the "Slow Down" when the star was about the same size as the center HUD circle icon mentioned above. This tells me what ever it is that I don't see is flipping huge, so needless to say I booked marked the system then hightailed it out of there in fear of losing all of my precious data.

    My question to you all is what was that, my first black hole experience, something else?

    Needless to say I'm heading back home to get paid for my travels, if this happens more frequently the closer I get to the center, I am not yet ready to risk my payload for it.

  • Was in this system more as one sun? And exact system name? There exists more useful utilities which can be very useful in cases like this. I can recommend few if you are interested.

    There was in some of updates applied change for exiting hyper-jump. Before you could end very close to the star(s) which could end with insta death in some rare cases. Now are explorers much more safe during travels.

    Try Elite: Dangerous Database - EDDB and EDSM - Elite Dangerous Star Map for find more info about the system where you had problem.

  • Well the system name is LYSOOSMS SV-U C1658 and Yes it only had One sun, but checking EDSM it only registers Lysoosms SV-U c16-25 and I swear that is not the system I bookmarked. I went to verify and wouldn't you know it ED has an update. :(

    I also remember reading about the jumping too close to stars issue recently, and the supposed introduction of it in Horizon, but out of over 650+ jumps on my way out, what happened to me in this system never happened in any of the others since Horizons release; and I had ED before Horizon came out so this isn't a new to the game thing.

    As for the tools you provided I use EDDB all the time, but never heard of EDSM so Thanks Much for that (Will be bookmarking this one for sure).

    My ED did update recently though (Before today) with in the past week or so if I remember correctly, just find it odd only this system gave me such an experience.

    I normally stay near the HUB, but I've been in deep space for about three months now, I will definitely be returning to that system later, but for now I have data to sell - Trying to get that Anaconda Ya Know.

    Thanks for the Help, I'll update you on the exact system name once the update is done. ;)

  • If you can save troubles with automatic updating of your travels path, here is few utilities and one site which can be really nice help:

    Both utilities have option to put there your ingame login data, which can scare people ... these utilities are approved by ED game devs and used by thousand of players without issues. I use both and also few others (now it is more as three years) and it helps enjoy ED play much more. If I can recommend, here is one further really importan application:

  • White dwarves are known to mess with the rest, they look small on the map, but they cause all sorts of issues, most notably heat buildup. That being said, if it's not a white dwarf, then jumping in too close can also cause some odd behaviour to any star. Thought this was a thing of the past tbh

  • Awesome, I'll definitely be utilizing these sources; I had no idea the ED community was this big.

    I also was able to verify that system, I was a little off but EDSM doesn't register it as a system anyway.

    The system is LYSOOSMS SV-U C16-58

    Once again Thank you for the information.

  • After many months and much needed Engineering I have once again returned to LYSOOSMS SV-U C16-58, and the exact same thing happened; once you warp into this system you get thrown sideways from the sun here, it is the oddest thing I have every experienced warping into a system, but as previously mentioned above it is due to there being such a tiny little star in this system...scoop-able but tiny non the less - No Black holes or other anomalies.

    Well case closed, and now moving on to Colonia, Have Fun and Fly Safe my fellow Space Cadets!

  • I don't play ED Horus but would love to see you in CF at some point mate 😊

    I'll be back around, I'm always off and on...Hopefully sometime soon we will meet.