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    also like some Stella Artois strongbow dark fruits and sometimes on special occasions either Jack Daniels with coke or have some AU Vodka instead but only small amounts lol vodka hurts my insides so bottle of whisky will have to do on my space travels but when I'm back online again I owe eclipsya and argos some bottles of rum ;)

    Hi guys little update my pc is almost complete now bought a new monitor today and i hope it preforms fine with CF But ita first time ive had one of its kind so not sure its an 49" ElectriQ QLED 144hz 3840x1080 HDR Ultrawide

    my pc build thus far:


    RTX 2080TI 11GB



    Ryzen 5 5600x

    EK CPU Waterblock


    (4x16)64gb 2666mhz ddr4 c16


    2TB Firecuda 530 SSD w/EK Heatsink


    Asus tuf b550 plus(wifi)


    49" 144hz ultra wide 3840x1080

    ElectriQ QLED

    Double helix Resevoir

    360mm EK RAD Front

    240mm ek RAD Top

    PSU decided to die so need new one now lmao also may be getting a second SSD as found another port on the MOBO hoping its going to be a nice set up once I'm up and running but some point down the line may upgrade from b550 to x570 but only if I need to really only time I'd want to be upgrading mobo is when I move to next gen 7000 series but that I can wait a few years I think Also just need a pump and then seeing if my bro will go for hard tubing or soft tubing and then pretty much just pressure testing and leak test then I'm ready to go hopefully 😅 been long time coming cannot wait to get back up and running around crossfire again

    haha yeah looks like there's still a couple of us old CF Vets going aslong as I'm going ill never let cf die grew up with it made so many friends over the years lost some and gained angels proud to be apart of this community nice too see the old gang is still around when my pc is complete I'll see you all back in space once again

    it's crazy to think this it's 20 years now lol I'm 24 will be 25 in July my dad got me playing freelancer back in 03 then crossfire to help me with the dyslexia so I could read and write much better he loved crossfire mod more than anything and the only other mods he throughly enjoyed in their prime

    BSG Mod by Zeus and Venom

    The Void|2115

    TNG Mod

    He did play quite a few mods but crossfire was always his favourite got me playing it back when it was Version 1.6 then 1.7 and he got to enjoy it all the way up to 1.9 which is when I think the coalition gatts went from shooting like nomad blasters to their blue sparky trail effects now I miss these days me and him relentlessly flying to lost paradise for DKAs and mapping our characters for hours on end as well as trying to break into Nomad City in Styx on SP for months for the Ragnarok but we never got through the shield lol but I can even remember being about 5 years old watching him As a member of the IOC clan getting hunted in his train on the stuttgart run by "Lucy in the Sky" the pirate lady and Gunny I called her and being chased by |PX| and everyother MERC Pirate And police alike cause he was always a sneaky smuggler and he always usually had his Lagg Parked near by just incase he needed it after a run lol 😆 which then me and him playing together in the end he helped me build up from the ground up only giving me enough money for a dromady so I saved up for APC traded up the Armoured and then saved for the soulforge then built my account up I was then In the [UR] United Rebels with GrandAndreasK and Vishnu until we all lost contact and went back to my merc roles with the |PX| For a couple of years and then left to work on their own Mod in the end and RL situations and I then joined back with the IOC like my father where it all started for me as a nooby wingman freelancer now I'm 24 and still under the IOC Just waiting to finish my pc build so I can get back online look forward to the future lets see what's next lost my father (Angmar/Sauron) in 2012 to cancer unfortunately he would of love to see how far the mod has come since the release of 2.0

    do you think it will be good enough for crossfire at full graphical fidelity 4k 60 fps ? 🤣

    Current build

    CPU Ryzen 5 5600x

    GPU Water-cooled RTX 2080 Ti with 360mm rad

    MOBO Asus tuf b550 plus WiF


    Storage : seagate firecuda 530 2tb

    7000read and 6900 write 😲

    Ram : 64gb of Corsair Vengeance 2666mhz ram(4×16)


    Case msi vampiric 010m

    Stock wraith cooler atm got to buy Waterblock and some more piping and I can integrate it with my gpu liquid cooling then can start running overclocks safely I hope and also got to get my bro to partition my ssd install windows and buy me a code but I'm getting there slowly its been a dream to get back for so many years properly never though I'd afford it and now I think my builds getting overkill lol not sure as this is my first proper build since my dad passed on 2012 i can't wait to see crossfire with all its new shaders is there any suggestions ?

    also maybe a server side XP System that you would have a rank and you would gain XP Per Kill and you would need to rank up to buy the weapons and ships from them maybe like a MK I MK II AND MKIII For the highest rank so the vhfs from the little Ukraine sector if added your ship would get better as it goes through MK I MkII Mk III so you could have 3 VHFS SU 27 MiG 27 and MiG 29 and there would be 3 variants of each so they would get maybe more armour in the next MK.. Or weapon slots or faster at turning or even just stronger faster engines than the normal cruise speed when you get the MK 3 OF Them and when you get the the mk 3 of the mig 29 it would have a special name Like The Ghost of Kyiv and in description it would say Mig-29 MK III I think I'm getting abit ahead of myself here but I come up with ideas then forgot them lol terrible memory

    And could they have ballistic weapons like there guns

    also could we have a little Ukraine sector and you would have to travel through a worm hole through the coalition sector maybe in yakutsk and maybe there LF/HF/VHF could look like a MiG/SU jet line up (have su 24 or su 25 as bomber With Ghost of Kiev on the wings ;) just come to me 😆 the ghost of Kyiv is a MiG 29 so there our VHF The Su 27 could be either VHF Or HF there is also the MiG 27 which it's wings do fold in (really cool)