A pirates life: A New Dawn

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  • Planet Roma, Fallen System!

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    "What's that?", Commander Baxxter asked.

    "It seems like an older ship, Commander. It must be fallen down! No idea why!".

    "Ok, Private Paula, we have a job to do!"

    "Sir, yes, sir!", Paula smiled.

    One hour later.

    "WTF?!?! I know this ship and I know the owner of this ship!", said Baxxter.

    "Hm, the ship seems much damaged. May be we will find a body!".

    Baxxter smiled: "If I will be right, we will much more than a body! We will find the maddest Pirate ever!"

    "Rdv?", Paula ask with panic in his eyes.


    Two hours later.

    I open my eyes and can't belive what I saw: an old friend.

    "Hi, RonaldoDaVinci! Welcome alive! :-)", Baxxter said.

    "WTF! I remember nothing! I don't have idea, what's happened!"

    "Are you back?", Baxxter asked.

    "Give me a little bit time to re-define! We will see, what the future will bring! :-)!"

    If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen! :-)

  • welcome back RDV.

    A shiny good as new ship is waiting for you back at Nassau.

    Good flying m8 :) :)

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    Red Red White Center @Sun Exit Red Green Red Orange White Center & Your Out ..........End of Line :) :)

  • Ha! Looks like I need to return as well :D

    Future jobs could await!

  • Planet Roma - City Hospital

    "Mr. DaVinci, you are still weak! You are not fit enough to leave the hospital.", the doctor says.

    "I give a damned of you opinion, doc! I have enough from your damned hospital! No cigarrettes, no alcohol! No alcohol!!!!"

    I went to the next space taxi.

    The driver ask for the destination.

    "It is Nassau Depot!", I smiled.

    All colors left the face of the driver. He open the door of the taxi carefully and run for his life.

    I changed to the driver seat and started the engine! Very bad sound, I think.

    The taxi start to fly.

    I am on the way back home! :-)

    If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen! :-)

  • CNN News report: A stolen space taxi was found rammed in the first spacial lamp post, no bodies have been found.

    The mistery continues :D

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