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    So here is the newest ship in Elite Dangerous which is coming into live with Q1 update. Commanders can try by yourselves fly this ship next week (25th), when will be started open Beta for Q1 (is needed to have Horizons or lifetime license). What was so far shown to us:

    • medium size ship (means it can dock also on outposts) 9452-chieftain
    • this ship is alliance ship (no rank requirement)
    • should be available for buy on planetary bases (i.e. not for vanilla ED owners)
    • is very agile due its four engines
    • is nicely fast (380+ boost speed A rated without engineering = seems like very usable PvP (not only) combat vessel
    • have 2x large, 3x small (above canopy with practically PERFECT alignment, that is a dream ship for sniper!) and one medium below the canopy hardpoint (perfect for things like Rail or Hammer Gun)
    • 4 utility slots (here I hoped for at least one more, but well ... no one can have it all it seems :) )
    • internals: 2x5size, 1x4, 2x2 AND 3x4 military slots (Hull or Module reinforcement or Shield cell banks). Shield lvl 5 values seems are better as for FAS, but worse as Gunship and much worse as have FDL (top medium combat ship, which however have only paper hull compared to this ship possibilities = very hull tanky)
    • core: 6lvl powerplant, 6lvl distributor, 6lvl thrusters, 5lvl Frame-shift Drive (20ly jump range was shown for A rated unengineered = very good), 5lvl life support, 4lvl sensors and 4lvl fuel tank (rather smaller amount of fuel) ... stats can be altered during/after the beta, which is something what I fear little, if they will not want nerf this ... I hope not :)

    My personal summary: ship can be used well in PvP, for PvE mainly as bounty hunter (limited shield = i.e. into combat zones are imo better ships), pirate vessel, exploration vessel, scout, rescue ship, scavenger etc. Personally I like much the design (unique compared with other existing ships in ED), from the side it reminds me a shark. In live-stream were also heard this ship engines, which have really awesome sound (like sport car).


  • looks pretty big



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