Crash Code ffffffffc0000005 [E000000D3]

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  • There is a couple of issues with the Launcher, the reason is unknown and the solution is not always the same. It's sensitive to file structure integrity, that's all I can say about it.

    But I may have found a solution to this once, and I haven't had a problem with error codes ever since... What I did was:

    1. Installing the ModManager that comes with the package from ModDb.

    (1a. I would go as far as to restart PC when everything is installed )

    2. Force ModManager to start as Admin.

    3. Close everything down and make sure you never get problems activating the mod in ModManager the first time. If you had issues with the activation, you've got file integrity problems and need to re-install both Freelancer and ModManager in a new folder. That means re-installing the mod as well.

    4. Remove the "Read Only" on both the Freelancer game folder, the ModManager folder, and the Freelancer folder in Documents/MyGames/ by right-clicking the folders.

    5. After this, delete the entire "EXE2" folder in Freelancer... This folder will be re-created when Launcher starts up next time. Sometimes you can not delete this folder if you got a copy-error, but you can still move it out of the Freelancer folder and delete it later.

    This is what I did and haven't had copy-errors or any launcher issues ever since. In my case, this is what solved all my problems.

    It wasn't a shader issue, it wasn't Windows issues, not driver issues or anything missing... I just had to play with the Freelancer file structure and got it working.

    In any case where ModManager activates the Crossfire Mod just fine but the launcher fails to do its job, delete EXE2 folder, do some fiddling with the files and try again.

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  • In my eyes the launcher is working perfect.

    The issue is more or less related to windows user permissions or even 3rd party tools which restrict such permissions and therefore block the Crossfire Installer and the Crossfire launcher to do its job.

    Unfortunatly I have no influence on all the possible user rights on the client PCs.

    When creating the installer we have build in the ability to request admin permission during the installation on all windows version starting with Windows XP up to Windows 10 and also build in a feature that would change certain registry values that would allow FLMM to remove write protections from the mod and also from the Freelancer folder. We even considered structural changes between the Windows versions.

    All these additional features were tested successfully on clean installations of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10. A lot of effort went into making the installation procedure as compatible as possible.

    Especially in the past year I noticed from reports and also observed it in Teamviewer sessions that new error sources appeared.

    e.g. it seems like access to the "C:\Program files(86)\" on some PCs require even more permissions these days. That is why I suggest not to install the original game into this folder.

    I am not sure if Microsoft did changes to the user permission structures over the past 1-2 years. I personally never experienced it because I simply never installed FL into that folder by default (in my eyes games do not belong into a my programs folder).

    It also might be that there are different permission settings for the different windows versions -> Home edition/Professional/Enterprise etc. That is really hard to test.

    And then we of course have players that simply have no idea how to get stuff installed.

    Instead of installing a clean FL, then FLMM and then the mod... they leave out steps.

    E.g. installing the mod right into the FL folder... or installing it into a empty folder without ever using FLMM.

    Ive seen all that stuff happen already.

    Ive even seen people manually copying files from the mod into the FL folder without using FLMM.

    All these procedures are doomed to fail.



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