Game of Thrones vs. The Walking Dead

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  • Like the titel says: Game of Thrones vs. The Walking Dead
    This means:


    I like both :-)

    I am a fan of Tyrion Lannister (GoT) and I am a fan of Negan (TWD) :-)!
    I like this half man (Tyrion Lannister (GoT)) and the apparent brutal guy (Negan (TWD)).
    Few weeks I hold one of the books of "A Song of Ice and Fire" (GoT based on these books) in my hands. In this book you find a list of all persons which you also find in the book. I thought to myself "hm, more people than in telefon book of my home city!" :-)

    Ok, back to the topic.
    Both TV show have an interesting story, a lot of very good actors and an almost logical story line.
    So far so good.

    GoT have more sex scenes but TWD have more violence scenes :-)

    GoT have more epic scenes, TWD is much more dirty (no wonder :-)!)

    What's your favorite TV show? GoT or TWD?

  • thats so hard to decide
    both are about undead and both have the habit to remove favorite actors from the show with utmost violence.

    you are asking for the impossible



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  • you are asking for the impossible

    Hm, for you and me it could be that I ask for impossible, but for other people the answer could be simple.
    Some prefer more epic battles (like in GoT), other prefer cheerless stories (like in TWD).

  • Not really a fan of either tbh, however I have seen the first two seasons of TwD, and only a gory episode of GoT so I guess TWD :)
    Fun fact: Negan (A.k.a: Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is was also in my favourite tv show Supernatural in the first season and in the first and last episode of Season Two

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