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  • hello I have needed help, I have overclocked my processor and my graphics card integrates the problem c is that I have a basic vitalateur rather zero, so that my pc rises rapidly to 70 ° C ( by cons I go with mad max 25fps 40fps is ) the thing is that c j happens more has access the BIOS ( Del key so for me suppr) the first time I have had the chance to start the Bios , someone to tell me it sy to do something precise poir start the Bios ?


  • Hi DARK68360
    it seems like you need to find more info
    Just ask these Questions in a search engine and you should get the info. There is lots on overclocking and accessing the bios.

    see attached screen shots

    Hope this is of help.


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  • Hello dark68360,
    sorry I could not completely understand your question ("arrived more accessed the BIOS"?), but if your PC became unstable after overclocking, you can always reset your BIOS settings to defaults.

    Method A:
    1) look for a small button on your motherboard with signatures like CLR_CMOS, CLR_RTC, CLR_BIOS, BIOS_RESET etc.;
    2) press and hold this button when you turn on your PC;
    3) your BIOS settings will be reset and you can now try another configuration.

    Method B:
    1) turn off your PC;
    2) turn off the Power Supply Unit by a switch on the back side;
    3) disconnect the power cord from the Power Supply (or switch off the surge protector if you have one, or use any other way to cut the power off);
    4) find a flat disc-shaped 3V lithium battery cell on your motherboard;
    5) remove the battery cell;
    6) wait a few minutes;
    7) put the battery cell back;
    8 ) connect the power cord (or restore power same way as you used in step 3);
    9) turn on the Power Supply Unit;
    10) wait 1 minute (sometimes they need a while to charge all capacitors);
    11) turn on your PC;
    12) your BIOS settings will be reset and you can now try another configuration.

    It's a lot simpler than it sounds :) Hope this helps.

    - Wanderer -

  • About 3 years ago I bought a new pc and did some OverClocking.
    First, your hardware needs to be able to do OC (Motherboard, Processor, RAM and Graphics Card). If it isn't designed to OC, don't do it, as your computer will become unstable.
    Especially important is clock frequence on RAM, as it has to very high (and expensive too).
    I got most of my information from Overclock.net - An Overclocking Community and XtremeSystems Forums (best).

    Last after 6 month of "testing", I got my electric bill :arghs::patsch:

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  • thank you for your enfaite answer the problem c is that the demarage I 'm pressing the button indicate its nothing, but I have to find another solutuion , support a vingteme times the reset button on my pc poir have a message offering me Bios , ( I have to make Ressi configue lot without a cooling system upgrade ( I ride 80 ° C to earn 10 fps)

  • Sorry dark68360 the encryption is too strong :S

    Écrivez-vous le même message en français simple sans abréviations ou la langue verte, s'il vous plaît. Alors j'essaierai le traduire moi-même à l'aide du dictionnaire.

    (Please write the same message in simple French without contractions or slang. Then I will try to translate it myself using a dictionary)

  • Hi all and dark6830
    iT's never easy is it m8, but now that you have done it and there is a problem with your computer. It is possible someone out there has done this before you and fixed the problem.
    You should try and find info on your specific set up and try using the translator to give you results in French. I hope you get it fixed soon. Sorry I am not Techi enough to help you directly, I have been in the bios in some pcs and unless you know exactly what to tweak it can be a bit mysterious getting around in there.

    Not trying to give anyone work mind you but Programming skills could be of help here maybe Michael or Huor could help you out.

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  • Hi Dark,
    Wanderer gives a good instruction for reset the Bios - replacing the Bios Battery on Motherboard. You can do the same procedure with a small jumper or switch near the Battery on your Motherboard. The name of the Jumper/Switch should be „Clear CMOS”- or „JBAT1“-Jumper,