821AS - Findings on Lith Station

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  • Nephele, Lith Station

    Nephele, Lith Station

    The Bar on this station was well known as a place where numerous secret meetings were held by the house's officials. This time the bar was almost empty, only in one of the darkest corner boxes two Red Hessians were having a lively discussion. "Did you hear the latest leaked news about our base's origin? It is said that we were not the builders, that this rock was already a empty base, when we arrived here! But that is not all, look at this ..." the older man opened a small pad where the public internal structure of the base could be seen . He quickly inserted a special code and in place where was previously displayed only a solid rock suddenly appeared an large empty squared area. "I've heard that this place could maybe be a storage area, guy who was there sent me also next text translated from old Russian ..."

    Why ? Why did we come to the Sirius? To search for escaped alliance ships? To search for answers of what they found here or to start another war? The simple Truth is, that we do not know. The huge unknown gate which was found in the asteroid field shortly upon our arrival closed right after we succeeded to jump through. After this it started to be like a nightmare where all hopes are lost. Outnumbered by the blue organic-looking ships and torn apart piece by piece over and over again we escaped in a ship that was more wreck, then functional space-ship. Everyone thought that we all died with our ship, but we did not. Only those strong ones who are able adapt have a chance to survive and so, we did. We always believed in a strong organized society and the need to have distant goals, or dreams, which were possible to achieve only with many hard years of united effort. That we started as castaways in unknown hostile environment changed everything except the fact of who we are and the place of our origin ...

    "When I look at this, it appears that everything that we thought we knew about the Sleepership here in Nephele was not completely true, and if there were some survivors ...", the man then switched off his pad and in a whisper added "Not only would It have been a historical event to have met the coalition soldiers, but even now it would be!"

  • Its not obsolete. No historical thread is obsolete whether true, rumour or untrue. I'm here through re-direct from an other in my attempt to build a history of all the Sleeper Ships. This thread has now been referred to, and linked to, another more recent thread. Create the new thread by all means, but please don't mark this one obsolete or worse, destroy it. Thank you.

  • No historical thread is obsolete whether true, rumour or untrue.

    I second that.

    Is this a rumor you can find in-game tho?

    "Life piled on life

    Were all too little, and of one to me

    Little remains: but every hour is saved

    From that eternal silence, something more,

    A bringer of new things; and vile it were

    For some three suns to store and hoard myself,

    And this gray spirit yearning in desire

    To follow knowledge like a sinking star,

    Beyond the utmost bound of human thought."

    ~ Ulysses

    Alfred, Lord Tennyson

  • Is this a rumor you can find in-game tho?

    This story is purely based on personal narrative for character Martind Forlon in multiplayer of the Crossfire mod and is not present in the mod (in form of rumors or others). There however was aim to made it fit into existing official lore of the CF mod.

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