Forlon story

  • APC docking on Manhattan, New York


    20 years ago, New York: Manhattan was shrouded by dark clouds with heavy rain and icy wind. Silver_Arrows headquarters on Manhattan was on high alert due ongoing fights in the Ryssk system, where where were SA ships merely only as observers ... Dom'Kavash and Warriors fleets were near Weth gate annihilating each other in unreal numbers for humans. The small airport located in the SA's headquarters area was activated, and it looked that they were expecting someone very soon.

    Only a few minutes after the airport lights activation have showed on the sky four red flickering lights, and in next moment came closer a large dark shadow. In these terrible weather conditions only the radar sensors were able to indicate, that the incoming ship is APC freighter identified as SA_Trader01. This ship, piloted by Lieutenant-Commander Ryleous Arkane, was returning from a long journey back from Weth. But something was different this time, the SA ships usually use the main Manhattan spaceport, docking on small private airport was very uncommon, in addition in so terrible weather.

    The APC was docked, ship engines had stopped, and from the headquarters rear exit ran out the medical squad. They entered the ship only for a brief moment, and then they left with someone on a stretcher. The Lieutenant-Commander's face was not smiling this time. It was easily to see that he did not believe, that the unknown person, which he brought back to Sirius, will survive for too long.

    Medical facility, SA headquarters: In white room center there stood a big medical bio-tank. The Medical robot has activated the tank control panel and has started the memory recovery and backup procedure. It was critically important to retrieve the information from the man's brain, which was floating without any movement inside the tank.

    The first information which appeared on the medical computer display were "Forlon", "device", "damaged escape pod", and the Ryssk system. In next moment something unexpected happened, the bio-tank analytics system was suddenly overloaded and collapsed. The Medical robot had no feelings, but if he had some, he would have look on the system collapse with astonishment, never before had something like this happened. A signal for urgent human operator assistance was being sent ...