How long has it been? Time to build the FL beast! mawhaha!

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  • Hi Everyone!

    Its been years since chch earth quake killed my PC, "RIP" right now i have a samsung ultrabook 64bit intel HD 4000 With *%#$%#$#!!!!! (windows 8.1)
    This seems to work well with freelancer with a nocd exe or with the more "Basic" mods but anything more complicated and im asking for a failed launch,
    For crying out loud even C&C tiberum sun which was pretty rugged for pc specs wouldn't launch! So.... i want to know the best PC build for Freelancer, like so i can
    Play these classic but on steroids if you know what i mean ;p or parts that haven't clashed with it it also doesn't have to be new parts but if you have a setup that does
    please tell us :) as this might help others having the same issues :D Also, Does 3G/4G data connection work well online for freelancer? thats the connection i use now,
    Noticed last time my 56k modem was a bit..... slow on the servers lol Also, if you know, whats the data usage for one hour on FL sever? 3G/4G still cost quite a bit here
    in NZ $20=1G $50=3G $99=12G that from the cheaper provider lol


  • So freelancer works on win7 64bit? thats good, iv been looking at a range of new parts and was thinking of overkilling a micro atx case lol i shoved
    two RC hoverfans in my ps2 slim before i busted it with a chip and then i shoved four of them "or maybe 6?" in my 360 lool! took them out because
    it was as loud as a hoover and couldn't hear the game itself. anyway, i'll list the parts im thinking about, if you think it might cause conflict with Freelancer
    please let me know. ^^

    Mother Board [Am3+ socket]
    Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 AMD 760G mATX Socket AM3+ 4 X DDR3 DIMMs VGA/DVI/HDMI USB3

    AMD FX 8320 8-CORE, Base 3.50GHz, Turbo Core up to 4.0GHz, Total L2 Cache 8MB,L3 Cache 8MB, Socket AM3+, 125W

    Graphics Card
    Sapphire Radeon R9 270X Dual-X OC 2GB GDDR5 PCI-E

    Sound Card [if there's room]
    Creative Sound Blaster Z SBX PCIE Gaming Sound Card with Beamforming Microphone SB1500

    And SSD Hard drives 16/32gb of ram and Windows 7 and possible water cooling.

    This will be a slow project as xmas is coming up (my niece's birthday is on xmas) so i might be able to get 2 or 3 of these from the list by then
    Do you think this setup will be fl friendly? i haven't got a clue, my last 2 laptops seemed to disagree with it

  • Hello assault911,
    everything should work fine and even more than that - in fact the listed parts are quite an overkill of FL requirements and those of any of its mods!

    But as for newer games, there are few to none that use 8 CPU threads, so I assume you are building a PC not just for gaming. Otherwise it is recommended to use Intel i5/i7 processors with 4 cores or 2 cores + hyper threading, they show better results in games than AMD FX series.

    - Wanderer -

  • Yeah i was considering in the near future splitting two Full HD 4.3 LED projectors into a super huge wide screen and thought the extra processing
    power might benefit with smooth playback plus that AMD 8 core cpu, they just started listing 4/4.5GHz for $275 its quite a bargain :D