Freelancer Crossfire Escort Mission: 23 [SOLVED]

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  • Hi guys, so I have a problem here, I need to escort USV Ghost to Mars, and all is well and good until we go to Jupiter, where we go towards lane in a formation and then Hessians attack us, we get rid of Hessians then the transports completely ignore Trade Lane and loop around it forever, making the Hessians respawn again and me needing to kill them again, I can't get the damn ships to dock I've been stuck here 3 hours so desperate Q_Q, I tried restarting the mission got stuck on the same location. I am using the Flathead VHF.

    EDIT: Wow, after 3 hours of messing around with the bug I did it, I am shocked... Difficulty in the description should be changed to "Extremely hard, you will have to use your mind more than ever before."

    Ok so this is what I did, after 2 and a half hours of ripping my hair out when I entered formation at Jupiter and when it took course for the trade lane, you have to stay in formation until the USV Ghost says "It's an ambush!", then engage and clear the Hessians, after that re enter formation if you can assume it's going to turn on time to get to the trade lane good, if it's not break the formation immediately and use your ship to ram into the usv ghost at 0 speed with your thrusters until you turned him to face the trade lane. Hope I help for someone else in the future.

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  • Thx for this info, I had similar observation here and this small detail "stay in formation until .." is probably very important.

  • Quote will have to use your mind more than ever before.

    One of the "specialties of this mod - in several ways :D

    The "trick" of pushing the ghost around with your own ship to align it properly with the trade line ... wow, good idea !
    I only waited with engage formation/leave formation. Never tried this idea before. THANKS ! Can saves a lot of time on this mission. :thumbup:


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  • Haha, no problem guys, I just hope that whoever is next on doing the storyline is going to read this before doing it.

  • i read it, but i cant solve... so sorry - for me its a bug - the USV Ghost dont follow on the trade lanes, etc.

    the best was, in first try i bring them to earth sol system... and then the USV Ghost flies the whole way back
    to jupiter (or saturn?)

    Is there at any place or a video and/or a better description how to solve this buggy mission? Because i cant solve
    it, and this makes absolute no fun to stuck in mission 23 with a real "stupid transportleader" who cant follow the
    easiest commands. i try 5 Hours now to solve it.. no way.

    for me its a general problem with the game itself and also the waypoints in this mission.

    Somebody any idea?

  • Sure, did this mission many times and is in fact quite simple. So, load mission save, undock from Hood and enter formation with mission objective (leading train). Then simply do not do anything, watch screen. After jump rejoin asap formation with mission objective and again watch screen. When is there ambush WAIT IN FORMATION until is given order to attack, then break formation, kill attackers and immediately rejoin formation with mission objective.

    This above is common situation, which can change only for one reason: leading train get bumped and lose path and while try to resolve this happen different mess. Solution is quite simple: if bump happen, (only if bump happen all the way till is Earth reached) cancel formation and convoy will stop asap. Then with your ship slowly bump leading train so he aim at destination (next jump gate), return to escort position and rejoin formation.

    Second issue which rarely happened was when convoy reached Earth and started turning to the LEFT (he should turn to the RIGHT). In this moment break formation (all stops), bump train so he have Earth for his left side, return to escort position and rejoin formation.

    This above can sound terrible difficult, but in real it is quite easy and worked every single time for me (50+ times done this mission).

  • i finally finished it... But dont ask me how long it takes... formation... formation lost... free flight, turn the ghost around in the right position... Would be good if the transport leader is no newbie... :D Also the thing is, the transport corridors and the gates to it are very difficult to reach, not for a fighter, but for a transport ship...hard to play cause there are also no "hints" in the mission who can help..

    But last and about 6 hours.. its done... Solved - Closed..

  • In the 2021 still same problem but with a few "pushes" problem solved :D First stuck and loop oround hapened when i was still in sirius had to start with the "pushes" there lackily i made it i gues bug was not fixed yet.