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    Thanks for the reply.

    Thats odd, because I did not touch the FLMM since the last time I played SP CF, so I don't know what could've caused the savefiles to dissapear.
    I will check out that reshade edit.

    Hi everyone,

    I recently got back to playing CF SP after a few days, but I realized all of my save files are gone, now I theorize this could be caused by two things:

    First one is my CF Client which updated the singleplayer files, that could've erased all of my manually saved games I made

    The second one is the Discovery mod which I play in a separate Freelancer folder, but I've never gone to play singleplayer with that so I doubt that is the problem, also it wouldn't just erase my save files it would overwrite them I assume, or
    it would just show them in the save menu.

    Also I would like to know is there a way to edit the preset Reshade option to disable those lightning god ray effects that blink on your screen every time someone shoots at you directly or you shoot at them, its really hard to fight with that on.

    Thanks in advance,


    Damn that sucks, as there's 0 players usually when I'm online :/ , thanks for the heads up though, guess I'll just make do with what I can.

    Got it, thanks. I have another question though, it seems I can not deposit or transfer money to any of my other characters without atleast having 65 mil on my bank account, how am I supposed to get a neutral trading ship if I can't transfer money between accounts?

    I just figured its because my Reshade options were on (full), is there a way to run it on full settings without the hub going crazy

    I just installed CF again and when I get onto the server, my HUD/UI starts moving when I am and goes out of the borders of my monitors, is this supposed to be normal? It seems like it's animated.

    Hello guys, I am someone who recently moved abroad to work. I have my trusty laptop with me and I wanted to replay the amazing storyline from the Crossfire mod + the amazing vanilla storyline.

    Now here's the problem, the internet is quite slow, and whenever I download something bigger trough a browser it will at one point stop at 0/bs and say "Network error - timeout" or something similar.
    So I figured the problem is is that I'm using Wi Fi and the modem dc's sometimes and isn't really that trustworthy.

    Now, I figured I might try a download manager and download the mod trough a download manager, same thing, came this afternoon to see that the download is stopped at around 650 mbs at 0 kb/s.

    HOWEVER, whenever I am downloading a torrent everything seems to be completely fine, I could download for weeks something as big as 80 gigs and it would download just fine.

    Here's the question, can someone possibly link me to a torrent of the crossfire mod? Or make one? That would seem to be the only way I could download it. If anyone with a good internet and a good upload speed could manage that I would be very grateful.


    Any other suggestions are appreciated.

    Okay so here's the deal, yesterday I was taking missions on Karnak Prison in Vega, the missions were around 900k per mission and gave outcast ships to destroy, now I come back to the same station somehow there's Daumann missions vs Kruger and 30k per mission, same with all the other stations/planets in the system. Is this normal? Or should it not change mission factions like that, I'm a bit confused.

    Well I had a similar idea today while playing it.

    But, mine is kinda modified and not gamechanging as much wouldn't feel like cheating but would've felt like you've earned it.

    Lets say you have Fast travel system right, in each Sirius house one, in coalition space one etc.

    BUT, to enter it you must first be affiliated with each official side of each house or space ( you don't have to be to exit it, because coalition maybe wanting to exit to rheinland say ), meaning full green rep and a proper license. (police/merc only maybe, no smugglers to prevent powertrading)
    On top of that each system would only have say, 1 goto jumpgate for each house to each house ( meaning 4 jumpgates in one fast travel system maybe? ),
    and it would be time limited so that you can only use each jumpgate to go to once 2 hours ( same for returning to that jumpgate ).

    Now I don't know if you guys understood what the hell I wrote there, or if I'm even talking pure bullsh1t that can't be done with the modding tools, but it would be awesome if it could.

    Hi guys, so I have a problem here, I need to escort USV Ghost to Mars, and all is well and good until we go to Jupiter, where we go towards lane in a formation and then Hessians attack us, we get rid of Hessians then the transports completely ignore Trade Lane and loop around it forever, making the Hessians respawn again and me needing to kill them again, I can't get the damn ships to dock I've been stuck here 3 hours so desperate Q_Q, I tried restarting the mission got stuck on the same location. I am using the Flathead VHF.

    EDIT: Wow, after 3 hours of messing around with the bug I did it, I am shocked... Difficulty in the description should be changed to "Extremely hard, you will have to use your mind more than ever before."

    Ok so this is what I did, after 2 and a half hours of ripping my hair out when I entered formation at Jupiter and when it took course for the trade lane, you have to stay in formation until the USV Ghost says "It's an ambush!", then engage and clear the Hessians, after that re enter formation if you can assume it's going to turn on time to get to the trade lane good, if it's not break the formation immediately and use your ship to ram into the usv ghost at 0 speed with your thrusters until you turned him to face the trade lane. Hope I help for someone else in the future.

    It looks good but... All these new modern games look a bit too complicated, while when I always return to freelancer
    I feel like home. I can not say it's simple but it's user-friendly.

    Every new space sim I've played is just too complicated, too much interfaces, too much stuff etc.

    Now this is just me but some people like that stuff. But it's always nice to support indie developers.