• Omega-3, Silver Arrows home system, 14/04/3012
    Secret GMG Research Facility, medical room
    In the middle of a dark room stood a large tank with viscous fluid. Inside is to see male silhouette. Monitors display various medical informations, one shows timer where is 57:30:00 and time is decreasing. On another display is showed brain neural activity which suddenly grows significantly “… so tired … where I’m? … what had happen? Ah, Texas, bounty, there it began.” 

     Liberty space, Texas system, LPI HuntsvilleTexas space, Jump Gate from Bering. Massive gate construction started to rotate, gate arms opened and from dark jump tunnel flew out small ship looks like predatory fish. Ship entered Trade lane and headed to Planet Houston. Pilot did latest check on his ship Hud. Yes, bounty is still active, target is this time CFPD police officer and is preferred to be DEAD or NOT ALIVE. Ship quickly passed around planet, shields were hot from atmosphere upper part. Scanner gave warning signal … data actualised … two police pilots were chasing alone pirate near LPI Huntsville.

    “ Good, looks they are busy and not as aware as usual.”

    Mercenary ship accelerated to combat zone and in next moment pilot launched full missile salvo. Second police pilot was still busy with pirate and this had left open the possibility for mercenary successful attack. Guns beams crossed space in both directions followed by CDs and CMs. Was not time for long fight, risky maneuver with reversed thrusters brought mercenary ship to blind angle for police ship and launched torpedo had hit target. Previously weakened ship construction was cracked and in last moment before explosion was jettisoned escape pod. There was no time for destroy this pod and mercenary even not thought about this. Contract was fulfilled and no one can force him to destroy defenseless pod with possible dead or seriously injured pilot. Cruise engines started and his ship left battlefield. This was right on time because remained police started to chase him … too late. Using asteroids as cover mercenary successfully avoided all attempts to disrupt his cruise and headed to California Jump Hole. Police did next attempt to chase him there, but again was not fast enough.

    “ Nicely, looks they gave up”

    thought merc and set course to his home. This was still in his mind when communication monitor showed face with fresh bloody wounds

    “ You really for a moment thought you can run before us? We will find you everywhere and you will pay for this!”

    This message was followed by high bounty and in one moment successful hunter changed to running prey.

     Omega-3, Freeport 1Omega-3 System. Admiral Forlon left jump gate from Cambridge, passed Silver Arrows clan sign and entered Trade lane leading to Freeport. Bounty on his head was still fresh and he received warning that someone is following him.

    “Enough running, here is best place to stop and kill any hunter going after this bounty! :”

    . On scanners appeared small ship, freelancing mercenary Mirko in F-190 Malice ship. He went here through half of Sirius and was determined to take this bounty at all costs! Fight started right above Freeport and on station sounded emergency alarms. One from delayed torpedoes hit Forlon ship and damaged thruster. Records lately showed that this was decisive for the outcome of this fight. One slower maneuver and CMs beeeep ended with huge explosion on Forlon's ship left wing. Emergency protocol was activated, escape pod launched. Abandoned ship exploded right after escape pod left cockpit remnants. Explosion partly hit pod which in spin headed into asteroid field …

    “ Medical monitors:

    “ Benzodiazepine applied, neural activity decreasing, healing in process”

    Timer shows: 57:29:30.