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  • For quiet a while I am planning to create a new expand SWAT into Battlestar Galactica Online.
    Infact a few months ago I was curious and tried to create a clan/guild/squad with pretty good results.
    The game houses 5million registered players... so there is alot of potential for recruitment.

    As CF is mainly finished and i am able to do the final work in relative short time I currently see the best opportunity to finally build up that clan.
    Or better to say starting to build it up again (as my first try did last long since I had to return to work on CF)
    Atm only one of the recruited members is still there ... i have to assume that the others left to other clans or lurk around without clan (dunno yet)
    The work on CF took me up to 8 hours a day (more on weekends). That workload heavily got reduced so i can afford playing a game again (which wont be FL as ive been playing it too much over the past year).

    As ive personal goals till x-mas regarding this new section I intent to spend ~3 per day online while the rest of my time will still be focused on the work at SWAT, CF and 2 other FL mod projects at TLR.
    This personally should allow me to build up this clan while for sure ill need help maintaining it and training/helping new members. I do not intent to remain clan leader of that clan forever. My task is just to build it up. Due to my limited time it is very likely that others which are more active will fit better to the role of the leader.

    The game itself is pretty simple.
    Its a browsergame where cylons and colonials face each other on a sector map and try to destroy each other and gain control over the systems.
    The graphics are pretty cool.

    The gameplay is simple.
    Get a ship, buy equipment... do 10 daily missions to earn money and experience... lvl up and join other players trying to defend outposts or attack outposts. The concept is pretty minimalistic but it works.
    The new clan will fight on the side of the colonial fleet. Ive chosen a server that is actually dominated by cylon players (often there forces are 2vs1). -> I like it hard and its good to have a challenge. As have played that game a few months ago (when i refused to release CF) I am meanwhile at a medium lvl so i can help to get new players lvl up to a certain lvl relative fast.

    While the clan currently has a name (which i very likely will change)
    - Angry Angels
    - Divine
    - 45th Flying Tigers (current name)
    - Scap metal

    if you have more/better ideas or if you wish to join write me a pm

    Task for this clan till x-mas is to get 10-20 active members over lvl 10 (and if possible over lvl 15) -> at these lvls they should be able to fly escort ships already and take part in system defences.
    Ill provide guides and when im online protection in dangerous systems so the new players can lvl up pretty fast.
    This is for a very long time the first approach to create a SWAT clan in a game that is not FL. In my eyes a necessary step.

    Next to that it is also likely that ill be seen on the CF server from time to time again.



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