Portal Updates Q1 2013

During the past weeks I've done massive updates to the SWAT Portal and sites which belong to it.

Our new Star Trek Online section which soon will hit 300 active players has got its Fleet website a few weeks ago at Phoenix Legion XII | The Star Trek Online Fleet of the SWAT Portal
While meanwhile complete and fully functional I can not exclude that further changes to the website will be done in the following weeks as I am currently discussing optional features with the game developers -> automatic member management and fleet statistics.

Since Bloodguard returned to active duty and I expect that this clans starts to play a bigger role again the BG Clan page got replaced with a new modern one.

On the Portal itself more than 30 updates were done to fix bugs and improve the features.
Just to name a few changes:
- access problems to the ticketsystem should be fixed now
- members can apply for usergroups already when they register
- better protection against spam bot registrations
- security update on our wiki
- security problem of the video portal fixed (it will be available again in a few days after some tests)
- performance updates on certain Portal boxes and the Portal itself
- introduction of a community League
- several menu changes
- option to ignore moddb news on the forum (index.php?form=BoardIgnore)