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    The Combat Information Center team is proud to announce that we will be launching the Wing Commander community's first-ever weekly streaming show. The first episode of ALL WINGS CONSIDERED will air on YouTube this coming Thursday, February 21st at 7 PM Eastern. All Wings Considered is a live, weekly and informal look at the Wing Commander universe and fandom which includes gameplay, behind the scenes stories, community news and an ever-growing collection of regular segments and features! We've been developing the show for several months now as an outlet for our love of the series and are excited to start sharing with the rest of the world.


    The first episode of All Wings Considered will also include the first iteration of a Wing Commander book club! This week we will be discussing the first four chapters of Wing Commander: End Run and everyone is welcome to join the live conversation via

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    SciFi at War

    is an interesting mod for Star Wars: Empire at War that we recently stumbled upon. It mashes up different franchises, such as Star Wars, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, into one mega game. The video below shows various Halo ships fighting craft from Wing Commander. It doesn't seem like the WC fleet is fully fleshed out, and I can't quite tell if the


    is still active, but it's a pretty cool concept! You can grab it at the

    Steam Workshop

    . If this just makes you want to play a WC RTS game, you can check out the

    WC Invasion

    mod, which is also for Empire at War.

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    has created a MEGA Overview of the Wing Commander series. He covers each of the main games, which is all of the PC games except the expansions, Secret Ops or Arena. Of course it would be nice if those were included too, but it's still pretty impressive how exhaustive the video is as it takes nearly a full hour to cover the landscape. Lots of streamers hit WC1 or WC3/4, so it's a nice change to hear someone detailing out Academy nav points, Armada shipyards and the nuances of Privateer 2 videos. I suppose we'll just have to wait for the GIGA Overview for more!

    In this video, I provide an overview of the 9 main games of the Wing Commander series released between 1990 and 1997.
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    has completed his enlarged flying

    Hornet fighter

    . This update has a larger wingspan to fit more effective control surfaces and a larger powerplant. He'll be getting it airborne soon, and we can't wait to see! There's a lot of talent and skill that's obviously going into this. Follow the development at the

    Flite Test Forums



    The Hornet with a wingspan of 1000 mm (39.37 in) is ready2fly! :)The AUW is 513 g (18.10 oz). The Dry Weight (without battery) is 370 g (13.05 oz).The battery is a Turnigy nano-tech 4s with 1300 mAh.
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    standoffsplash_ep4_loset.jpgWe're already a month into the new year, so it's just about time for our annual fan project contest to wrap up. If you haven't voted yet, there's still time! Lots of fans are out there making a difference in the WC community, so we know it can be hard to just pick one. Here are the nominees again. Vote below!

    • Adm_Maverick's Papercraft Adventures started off with humble beginnings. We initially got to see some cool cardboard hobby ships, but his work grew quite a bit in 2018 to include reproducible miniature models and a tabletop game using these small ships.
    • Dark Sentinel's Art is well known as the best Nephilim showcase in the known universe. It's most prominent in the WCP/SO MUP, but that's not the only project his efforts have helped!
    • DefianceIndustries' Art is also synonymous with the high quality ships in the WCP/SO MUP, but that's just the beginning. His gorgeous ships
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    Shout out to Origin’s 1993 “CD-ROM Edition” graphic. That’s how you know it’s a CD-ROM Edition!

    cd-rom_edition1t.jpgcd-rom_edition2t.jpgcd-rom_edition3t.jpgcd-rom_edition4t.jpgcd-rom_edition13t.jpgcd-rom_edition14t.jpgThey went with a much more subtle version from 94 to 95. Wings of Glory is so handsome!

    cd-rom_edition5t.jpgcd-rom_edition6t.jpgcd-rom_edition7t.jpgcd-rom_edition8t.jpgcd-rom_edition12t.jpgAnd by 1996 you didn’t need to advertise that a PC game came on a CD. It shows up on the European Wing Commander IV box but not the domestic release.

    cd-rom_edition9t.jpgThey also had something called a CD>Hard Drive release. These didn’t have any CD-specific enhancements and instead just installed the disk version without all the swapping.


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    is back to modeling, and he's finished his long-awaited Kilrathi medium fighter. The Krant is a bit of an odd dog with its twin cockpits and unique styling. Everyone thinks of the Dralthi as a big bullseye in the sky, but I always thought the Krant made really good targets despite their heftier armor. Their name also works great



    , but Defiance already beat me to it.


    I've had a half-finished Krant laying around forever, and I krant leave things in a half-finished state. So, here it is: the Vega sector's medium bomber and general target. Enjoy!
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    has flown his


    model for the first time. Total duration aloft was just under ten seconds, but it really zooms. And even this brief flight provides valuable information. He's now in the process of remaking the craft about 25% larger in order to give it a bigger battery and more effective control surfaces. It's all very cool, and he's a very talented model maker!

    Here a short video of the maiden crash.

    The Hornet flies, but it needs more thrust and larger surfaces for the elevons. To fit a bigger battery (4s) in the small nose I will increase the wingspan from 800mm (31.5 in) to 1000mm (39.37 in).

    The Hornet with 1000mm wingspan is almost finished. The lower part of the fuselage is still missing. A maximum of one 8" propeller fits. As motor I will try a RCTimer/DYS BC2830/8 1300KV (Max Power: 275W) with a 4s battery. Because of the larger area of the elevons I use two

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    has done quite a bit of work with his WC

    tabletop game

    . One focus has been the creation of quite a few new ship cards. Each one has a snappy header graphic, and he's created numerous variants to add additional flavor. A neat focus will be the interoperability of ships from different eras without the artificial constraints that each game's specific stat ranges bring. He's working on normalizing the specs now so there's a reasonable comparison of each craft regardless of when we see them in the games. You can see this detail and help provide feedback at the CIC Forums




    One of the things I want to do with this game is to have a 'complete universe', by that I mean while it can have expansions that introduce new figthers and new group, it won't get new rules to segment it. Wing Commander 1 figthers should be able to operate in the same system as Wing Commander Prophecy
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