Recommended Freelancer: Crossfire Mod of the Year 2020

The annual Mod awards just started today and you can support us by voting at Crossfire 2.0 mod for Freelancer - Mod DB

I know, we did not have a major update in 2020. The Blackstar update did delay but instead we were working to make Crossfire future proof with various small updates, switching servers, releasing a new launcher and re-releasing the mod including all of its previous updates using a standalone installer which prevents many issues players previously had.

With other words in 2020 we worked to improve the foundation Crossfires is based on.

From this point it will be much easier to improve the mod based on community feedback aswell as the already layed out path for new features and new content.

Many areas of the mod will receive overhauls in the future which instead of pushing out as an annual big update will most likely be released on the fly as micro updates. This will allow us to react faster to issues and get feedback from the players.