Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

DefianceIndustries has another great model to share. This one is the UBW assault shuttle flown by Colonel Dekker. The ship is a huge contrast to the boxy Confed shuttle.It doesn't get an enormous amount of screen time in WC4, but it's a very neat design. Despite being a transport craft, I feel like there's an aggressive killer bee aspect to it, and the pair of turrets helps drive that sense home. Even without textures, the powerful little craft already looks super solid! We're looking forward to seeing it eventually make an appearance in the WC4 Fan Remake.


Minor update from the art department - The UBW Hermes is now meshed and art department approved. There will be two versions, one that is rigged with landing gear and doors for FMV work, and an in-game model without the extra rigging and triangles. Additionally, the turrets will be rigged so they won't be as toothless as before. :)