George Oldziey Updates on More Wing Commander Music

albumkickstarter_goodies13t.jpgOrigin composer George Oldziey has provided an update on his work to create more Wing Commander music. Over the last several years, he's worked diligently to crowdfund and create wonderful orchestral and jazz albums based on our favorite WC tracks. There has been good progress on a second album intended to be recorded by a live orchestra, but the coronavirus has sidetracked all those plans for this year. Nevertheless, George is committed to push forward on this front. Stay tuned for word on a future crowdfunding campaign to help make this a reality next year! You can still purchase (physical or digital) copies of his previous work online here.

Greetings all. I am so terribly sorry that I have not seen or replied to any of the recent comments about Phase 2 of this project. I have no excuses other than to say life distracted me from fulfilling this goal. Late last year I got involved in working on a big Netflix project, and then of course Covid shut everything down.

I am indeed planning to rejuvenate the goal of recording an orchestral volume 2 some time in 2021 when the recording studios reopen. As I'd mentioned a while back ALL the orchestrations are ready to be printed and recorded for the project. There will need to be additional funds raised to see it through to the end. I hope I haven't lost your trust to get the word out once the time comes.

I wish you all a glorious holiday season and a much brighter 2021!

Most sincerely, and musically yours,