RPG Mission Briefings Amplify the Action

Rear Admiral Tarsus has posted a handful of really neat YouTube clips to share the latest goings on with the Gemini Sector WC RPG. The gang is having tons of fun role playing on Discord, and they're welcoming new players now! One unique aspect of the Gemini RPG is that they try to blend in clever artistic elements to spice up the game. While the action predominantly plays out over text chat, they've animated these briefing sequences to provide a compelling visual. You can check out the whole playlist here! Also don't miss their website for more background on the game or their Discord to meet the group.

Hey all, I just finished hosting the Xytani module of the Discord based Wing Commander RPG. The group was great, it was missing a certain player... the one reading this message at the moment. Hope to have you on our six. Heaven knows my character needs all the help she can get. ;)