Patch 1.3.4 (Win, OSX, Linux) - Changelog

We've just released a new patch with some bug fixes and one small quality of life improvement - you can now increase the HUD marker size. Here's the complete list of changes:

  • Added an option to adjust the HUD marker size
  • Fixed time speedup bug that occured when having Time Extender activated and either destroying Okkar frigate turrets or Outlaw Snipers or scrapping a Shock Rifle Pro that is floating in space
  • Make sure Okkar Corvettes don't flee outside of level area
  • Fixed a handful of hardcore mode handicaps carrying over from sector 6 to sector 7
  • Fixed that disabling TrackIR without changing anything else in the game options would break freelook until restarting the game
  • Fixed nano injectors not working while emergency shield is active
  • Fixed black holes not being framerate independent
  • Fixed enemy sentinel sometimes still firing discharger while dying/already dead
  • Fixed that a new run couldn't be started in the hangar, if the player was on the codex tab
  • Fixed that rotating the ship in the color selection screen with gamepad would also change the color selection
  • Fixed that the health of the player's drones could go above 100%, and that they sometimes weren't spawning again when loading a savegame
  • Fixed being able to use drones while "no consumables" hardcore mode handicap was active
  • Fixed deadlock when a progress bar success type message was removed from viewport while equipment selection wheel was opened
  • Fixed localization issues of some ship wreck logbooks
  • Don't offer additional primary weapon slot at tuning stations when having ancient weapon glyph equipped
  • TrackIR: fixed that the crosshair was positioned and clamped incorrectly on ultra-wide resolutions
  • VR: fixed rendering artifacts on the cockpit in some orbits