PS4 Patch 1.09 (Americas) / 1.08 (Rest of the world)

Hey everyone! We just released a new patch for PS4 with the latest changes and fixes from the other platforms, as well as some PS4-specific bugfixes. Here's the list of changes:

  • Fixed a handful of hardcore mode handicaps carrying over from sector 6 to sector 7
  • Fixed nano injectors not working while emergency shield is active
  • Fixed using Drone Disassembler on own drones not decreasing current drone count
  • Fixed deadlock when a progress bar success type message was removed from viewport while equipment selection wheel was opened
  • Fixed that when the system was put to Rest Mode on the pause screen and then rebooted, the game wasn't paused anymore even though the screen was still active
  • Fixed enemy sentinel sometimes still firing discharger while dying/already dead
  • Fixed life support damage sound still playing during game credits when winning a run with damaged life support system
  • Fixed occasionally missing projectiles of high-frequency weapons
  • Fixed that the plasma orbs of the Okkar Corvette MK2 were too small
  • Fixed that the scatter gun didn't have additional projectiles on max. charge
  • Fixed that you couldn't start a new run in the hangar, when on the codex tab

Enjoy playing!