Diary of Ajay. "Returning to the Source".

Diary of Ajay. "Returning to the Source".

Before fourth wall establishment.
This is a pure fiction, on-station junk, lot of headcanons, blah blah blah, less of actual events. You've been warned.

-*Yawn* Oh, my head...
I reached my glasses, put them on and turned on nightvision mode - it was dark and I needed to find a switch. Reaching it and beginning another morning. After 30 minutes I was ready to get to cockpit and take off. I grabbed my electronic pad and checked my mail account input.
-Junk, spam, junk, Black Guard Squadron[1] joining offer, spam, spam, junk, spam, junk, junk, spam, Coalition High Command message, junk... Coalition High Command message?
I opened message.
"Dear K(NO WAY IN HELL ME WRITTING MY SURNAME HERE) Ivan Ivanovich, Lieutenant of Coalition Intelligence Agency.
You need to arrive on the board of "CNS Gorlowka" carrier as soon as possible. This is urgent and it is an order.
Your commanding officer
Colonel Igor Flyagin."
-Already a Colonel? About time - I murmured to myself.[2]
I launched my ship and was greeted by familiar voice. Voice that made me happy every day.
-Подождите... Ожидаем авторизации... Личность подтверждена, _______ И.И.- кодовое имя Аджай. Проверка систем.
Жизнеобеспечение работает.
Системы радара, РЭБ и связи активированы.
Проверка идентификационных кодов завершена.
Двигатели и ускорители в норме.
Орудийные системы готовы.
Ракетная установка "Немезида" заряжена.
Торпедная установка "Солнцеубийца" ожидает цели.
Блокиратор движения "Москит" готов к запуску.
Установка самонаводящихся мин "Раскрытие" готова к постановке.
Ложные тепловые цели инициализированы.
Щит "Чемпион-у" готов к запуску.
Доступ к батареям щита и наноботам готов.
Системы управления инициализированы.
Стелс-устройство готово к запуску.
Чайный пакетик заряжен в кружку, чай будет готов в ближайшее время.
Список воспроизведения загружен в плейер CoalAmp.
CNS "И-939 Бродяга", истребитель космического превосходства класса "Василиск" полностю готов к взлету.
-Please stand by... Awaiting authorisation... Pilot confirmed, _______ I.I, Codename Ajay. System check.
Life support working.
Radar, ECM and uplink systems activated.
FFI codes check completed.
Engines and thrusters fine.
Weapon systems ready.
"Nemesis" missile launcher loaded.
"Sunslayer" torpedo launcher awaiting target.
"Mosquito" CD ready for launch.
Homing "Revelation" mines ready to be dropped.
False heat targets initialised.
"Adv. Champion" shield is ready to launch.
Access to nanobots and shield batteries is ready.
Piloting systems initialized.
Cloaking device ready.
Teabag is loaded to cup and tea will be ready as soon as possible.
CoalAmp music player playlist loaded.
CNS "I-939 Stranger" "Basilisk"- class Space Superiority fighter is completely ready to take off.)
I ordered Mirtrak Battle Station to take my ship off. Station answered to the text console: "Request accepted. Good luck, mr. Human, I will miss you." [3]
I answered: "I'll miss you too, veteran".

I was sitting in the cockpit. Out of boredom I've loaded the song to the player. Old, ancient song from ancient Earth. Song in Russian.

"Во тьме бегут фонари...
Где же, на какой дороге мой милый друг?
Он затерялся вдали.
И мужские руки, сильные, держат руль.

Включен приемник на любимой волне,
и вместе с ритмом ьется сердце...

Всю жизнь глядятся в ночь
усталые глаза:
в пути шофер-дальнобойщик...
Он знает лучше всех,
Он может рассказать,
что наша жизнь - шоссе,
Шоссе длинною в жизнь.

Он далеко от людей,
Словно звезды, что летят за ним в вышине,
И женский голос во тьме
Так легко ему поет о его мечте

Поет ему о судьбах разных людей,
о женской ласке и о счастье...

Всю жизнь глядятся в ночь
усталые глаза:
в пути шофер-дальнобойщик...
Он знает лучше всех,
Он может рассказать,
что наша жизнь - шоссе,
Шоссе длинною в жизнь."

(For your convinience, so you could understand WTF is this song about, I've put a TRANSLATION:
"Lights are running in darkness...
Where, on what road is my close friend?
He is lost far away,
And his manly hands strongly hold the wheel.

Radio is tuned to a favorite wave,
And heart is beating with the rhytm...

For all life looking in the night
His tired eyes:
The truck driver is on the way...
He knows that better than all,
And he can tell the things,
That our life is road,
The road with length of life.

He is away from people,
Like the starts that are following him on the sky,
And female voice in darkness
So easy sings him about his dream...

She sings about some guys' fate,
About women's love and happines...

For all life looking in the night
His tired eyes:
The truck driver is on the way...
He knows that better than all,
And he can tell the things,
That our life is road,
The road with length of life."[4]

For some time I've just was sitting in the cockpit looking at the surroundings. Wheel handles, my dog tags on the "table", cup of tea with a sign "Chrysantemum Killer No.1 - Coalition Space Navy Praporshik Ivan "Ajay" K.", "Praporshik" is sriked through and "Lieutenant" is written under it. Couple of 12,7x108 rounds are hanging from the cockpit top. Self-made ventilator - cooler, placed in DIY frame and powered by a computer. Photo from Inner Core. Funniest part is a "souvenir" I've got from Earth, Fluttershy action figure[5]. Yeah, Flutters. BTW that figure brings luck to me.
I am activating the turret view holoprojector. Yes. I am completely alone in space.

And what a look... That place is truly "filled with many wonders"[6]...
Darn, what the flak is with me? I am turning romantical and sentimental! When I will finally reach Murmansk, first thing I'll do - I'll buy a full cargo bay of true Coalition vodka, because it seems that its Alliance booze that makes me so sensitive. And I will load my own "cargo bay" (read: stomach) with it.

After some flying I've finally reached CNS Gorlowka and docked.
Flyagin messaged me again via EVA when I left the ship.
-Ajay, we need you in the bar.

-So, why the hell did you needed me? - I said in a grumpy tone when I got to bar.
-OK, hello. We were waiting for you. Let's get official - Flyagin said, turning from me to the crowd in bar - Gorlowka crewmen and fighter pilots. - In the name of Eastern Coalition I hereby promote K(DATA EXPUNGED) Ivan Ivanovich, callsign "Ajay", to the rank of Senior Lieutenant (First Lieutenant analogue) for his uncorruptable loyality to Coalition while being far away from home on a peace mission.
Oh. My. Goodness. Well, Flyagin as my CO got his arse promoted, why I didn't saw it coming?
-Serving Eastern Coalition! - I said loudly and clearly.

I've took a glass, filled it with vodka and dropped two small metallic stars there.
It was some kind of unofficial ritual. Those stars were my rank markings. Why only two? Because I already was Lieutenant and I already had four (two on each side) same stars on my shoulder straps. Shoulder strap of Senior Lieutenant has three stars each.
That ritual was called "washing". You get a glass, fill it with liquor, drop your award (as in my case, stars) in the glass and drink the liquor.
Flyagin laid a hand on my shoulder.
-Go, time for one heroic speech.
-Darn, I always hated it - I said to him silently. - Okay.
I cleared my throat and started.
-My fellows. You know that I've been with you for some time. I was a crewman on Gorlowka, just like you are now. And I heard that you appreciated my work here. Some of you were thinking of me like of your friend. Some of you were saying that I help you very much, even though I am only warn you about various threats while you're on patrol and talking with you about stuff while off patrols. But even though I feel that deep inside you all hate me...
-Bullshit! - male voice from the middle of the crowd.
-Because I am sitting in the warm armchair in the safety while you're getting yourselves in danger on patrols...
-It doesn't matters! - female voice from the back side of the crowd said.
-And because I am able to fly freely in Sirius... - I continued. - But I don't care if you love me or you hate me. I can say, if it wasn't for you, I've been still sitting on my arse on Murmansk. That was because of you I am getting this promotion. Because of you I've had one hell of a career. For you, guys and gals of "CNS Gorlowka"!
I dried the glass in a single shot and took two small stars from emptied glass.
-Okay, guys, I am off to place them on shoulder straps. And I can say, that speech totally didn't fit me.
-Nevermind, man. that was awesome - bartender said.
-Cool. And yet, please, deliver a box of "Stolichnaya" to the cargo bay of ship called CNS I-939 "Stranger"...
I guess I will soon need to repaint my tea cup. Again.

Author's Notes.
[1]: Black Guard Squadron is a Coalition elite group acting since Alliance-Coalition war. During the war Black Guard was the squadron of war-criminals, and that were they who earned Coalition a "faction of murderers" reputation. In my headcanon during the Coalition Exile Black Guard was recreated as an ace fighter squadron. Even though most of new Black Guard isn't that cruel as old Black Guard was, only rare pilots join it.
[2]: Ajay's CO, Igor Flyagin, had a rank of Lieutenant-Colonel (Podpolkovnik in Russian) in the beginning of the story.
[3]: In my headcanon all Dom'Kavash stations are not just living organisms, but sapient beings capable of some free will, feelings and emotions.
[4]: This songs does not symbolizes Ajay's life in full. Just a random sad stuff.
[5]: I admit, "You're Banned" game posts (where I said that I hate Fluttershy) are bullshit... or not. Still, she fits me :)
[6]: Anybody will easily get this reference.

"Across the savage skies and through the fissures in the fields,
The rumble of the engines and the trundle of the wheels,
Through hell and horror trudge and yet their spirits never yield.
Will they sing of these forsaken pawns of war?"
-Miracle Of Sound, "Pawns of War".

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