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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Crossfire

    Questions about Crossfire
    • What is Crossfire 2.0?

    • Where I can download Crossfire 2.0 ?

    • How to install/activate/reinstall CF 2.0

    • How to configure Norton antivirus for Crossfire mod?

    • Multiplayer or Singleplayer in CF 2.0?

    • What is the "Multiplayer-ID" and may I have more than one?

    • Are there any rules of conduct for MP game? (READ THIS, VERY IMPORTANT !!!)

    • I have a problem with MSINET.OCX, what can I do?

    • The game crashes right before the Menu appears, what to do ?

    • I launch from the planet and a (dark) red screen appears, what to do ?

    • AntiVirus detects possible virus/trojan, what happens ??

    • Every time i try to create a new character, it says the name is already taken on the server. What is wrong?

    • What should I do if I can not play for a few weeks?

    • I just started a new game and my ship is totally invincible ... what it is?

    • Which console commands can be used in Multiplayer?

    • Which are the different types of crosshairs? ... Is it possible to change the crosshairs without having to reinstall the mod?

    • Q: is possible have installed and play more FL mods at once?

    • What to do if I encounter problem in game or have suggestion to change things

  • Clans & RP

    Questions about clans and role play
    • What is a Clan?

    • What is Role-playing?

    • What is a Clan tag?

    • What if I know someone who would like to join a Clan?

    • What if I already have membership in another clan?

    • How do I create a new Clan?

    • What it is conquest system

  • ASF vs CSF

    Questions about ASF/CSF role-playing war
    • What is ASF/CSF ?

    • What are the rules for ASF/CSF ?

    • Is there any time limit for defenders to call for reinforcement?

    • Can we use bots/bats in fight?

    • Where can I find maps or results for ASF/CSF?

  • Portal

    Questions about the Portal
    • How to report a bug/issue or add suggestion