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    I think 4 is the max this group will get to, 3rd is Mass Effect, 2nd is of sci fi comedy (which has over 10 times more watchers) and 1rst is far ^^

    Well, Freelancer 4 ever on top 4 has a nice rhyme :D

    Well, I think that only the number of visits on the page a day matters.

    probably better for this group would be to show activity by fl related news
    that would motivate much more players to join it

    Anyone should be able to post anything.
    If not, I'll have to find a way to modify everyone's rights at the samt time.

    I've tryed this

    But only the first group is spawning (the one with battleships, cruisers, gunboats and fighters)

    I'd like to know something.

    Is there any way to raise the maximum ship that a formation can hold?

    I'd like to make reallistic battleship formation like if it was the president in the bs but there is only a maximum of 17 ships.

    Got another error related to them...
    Now they show up but only in one system, they wont show up in any other.
    I copy/pasted the code from sw01 (working system) to other. (Pop_ambient + EncounterParameters)

    would be new to me that anybody else has developed a fully working destructable universe which does not crash the server

    It was working before I had lot of custom things...

    Quite bad it's not working anymore.

    Probably a dumb question but how do you make where you jump in the system without crashing on the sun at 0, 0, 0 and that you can't get back the the original system.

    Here a schema if you don't understand how I did explain it:

    I take the random hole fron system A. I arrive in system B on the Sun ad the pos 0, 0, 0. I want to get at Buoy A instead. No turn back possible (locked gate).