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    As I said earlier, I wouldn't worry. They're closed, any non-bro will be b&.

    Yeah, basically.

    Anything they do is for their own fun. This is the concept of anonymous.

    Fritzl case, they laugh. Haiti, they laugh. Tsunamis, they laugh. Virginia Tech massacre, they laugh.

    They're just like us, they have their black humour. But they release it in a wild form.

    Well, they won't enter in the FL community just because the FL community isn't made of /b/tards or /v/irgins.

    YouTube is just a place where they make humour for themselves. Search for "Agent Pubeit". Only a /b/tard knows about his story.

    @Awesome: lol, good luck then. Every oldfag uses Tor/proxies with high anonimity to anything. So, anyone would most likely rot trying to track ONE of the hundreds of sources rather than sueing anyone.

    Michael: it's based on their own meme, of that cartoon about brazilians arriving in a MMO server and rioting there, including the infamous "HUAHEUAHUEHAUEHAUHEUAHEUHAUEH", "gibe moni plos" and "i report yu".

    Yeah, I also want b. I have in my home a folder with everything: from earlier versions, to the actual version, to personal notes, everything. It'll be like 600mb compacted, dunno.

    In case you're interested, I can send it this week.

    Well, I used to be a /b/tard, a /v/irgin, etc.

    Therefore I know how the things work there.

    Basically, the best thing to do is: clean your own lawn, DON'T PUT YOUR FEET THERE.

    Translating: cut any incoming connections with the FL community, let them live on their own.

    The /v/ bros are mostly cool people, they build their own stuff and build mods with what they think it's the best to /v/.

    That means: I close handful of friends. Let's say: 30 intertubes' friends. The others are just loose anonymous, trolls, basement dwellers. If you see hundreds of thousands of posts there, it doesn't means that EVERYONE that supports the idea, or even knows about that.

    They won't threat the community, at all. Expect a 20 player-sized server, which will live for few weeks. They ALWAYS change their fav games/consoles.

    Just don't expect the bans around 4chan. The chances for it are below 5%. A nice moderator needs firstly to ATTEMPT to find the thread, and the ban will take few days (dynamic IPs).

    If somehow you attract the attention of a small part of /v/ (say, 15%), it'll tend to grow. From /v/, to /b/. From /b/, to hell.

    If /b/ enters in this fight, goodbye to SWAT Portal. They're the same which developed macros to get almost 1 million of followers to Josef Fritzl in a matter of hours at Twitter, or developed macros to overpass Victoria's Secret, Time and other websites. DDoS'd the American Music Association (dunno the name), made the Scientology protests, made the YouTube Porn Day, et cetera.

    The /b/ is less dangerous now, as it's filled by dumb teenagers. But it's still a threat.

    Just ignore them, and if they start to promote themselves OUTSIDE /v/ (that means YouTube. If a potential CF/Disco/SW/anything player ventures on the server via YT ad, he'll be banned, no exceptions. Therefore it isn't negative for us, as he'll come to the "correct" mods someday).

    Yep, that's the best I can say atm.

    People of all the Portal.

    Well, I have few things to say.

    The first is: I didn't knew that my university course would be that hard. I mean, since I started, 1 year ago, I don't have spare time to accomplish absolutely nothing.

    What I do is to study and work, non-stop. I'm going to the 2nd year of Computer Engineering with 17 years old, studying in the mornings, revising content in the dinner time, and working in the afternoon/evening. After that, I proceed to study in home.

    Sometimes I have a spare time in my job. However, the max I can do there is to edit the Uncyclopedia of my country to obtain some "fun" and knowledge on the wiki language. I can't edit there as I can't connect nothing, neither open any external files (pendrives, emails, etc), except access few websites (client computer, I don't want to mess around in others' computers, I dunno which kind of malware they can have).

    Well, basicly I sleep daily between 2 and 4 hours. Now that it's vacation time, I work all day long. By December, I formatted my HD and then realized about the mod files. I have found them sometime later, and I have everything here to continue. In snail walk, as I did since the start of '09 (basicly what I only did was bugfixing).

    What I want to say is: I don't know when or if I'll be able to release it. So, I give you few alternatives:

    a. Include the FL:EU's content somehow within CF universe (ofc, that would include changing the storyline).
    a.1. Include few of the ideas of FL:EU into CF (like the overall rebalance, for example).

    b. Two or three developers helping me. I'm not the owner of FL:EU, just someone who had this idea. Therefore, we can all work together, the decision regarding the mod would be yours, the final word, yours.
    Modelers are welcome (they're really needed).

    c. Give away the mod to someone of the community.

    d. Give up. This isn't my desire, but I'll need to do that in last case. In the past, I already asked for help, and two devs showed interest. I handled my files to them, and they never answered (one of them months later announced a new release of his mod and alas! With weapon rebalancing!).

    That's it.

    I'm available for contact at my email: firewolf[dot]br[at]gmail[dot]com

    And MSN: firewolf[underscore]br[at]hotmail[dot]com

    See ya,