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    I think that there would be a chance of destroying rp if nukes are available for any ship smaller than a Battleship, or in the best case a Cruiser...People can make 100 mills in one without breaking a sweat per day so they would be able to 5 nukes per day or so...=> that would make pvp very short and uninteresting...if battleships or destroyers would be the only ones able to carry such a weapon people would be forced to work together and specialise in order to use that...+ nukes would not be used on incoming fighters because it would take out the cruiser/batt too (because of lack of maneuvrability)=> it would be best used against other capships, task forces and basses (so that they would take out...half a base or a quorter of a base...) :D

    Nukes are the slowest ballistic weapon available. It has a giant radius (let's say it can hit a whole capship formation) and can destroy all fighters there, almost all gunboats, and put cruisers/destroyers and bs on a bad situation.

    However, it'll be really expensive to buy it. Make 100 mil on FL:EU economy will be a hard task to you, and it'll be available only on few stations on the universe (Columbia League will have one selling point, the same applying to Sirius Union and Neutral Column). Another thing is that for a trader, neutrality with many factions is essential, and in war-time, it'll be a hard task (you can start on Bretonia, but coz Bretonia is neutral it doesn't mean the Rheinland Government will allow any1 from docking on Planet New Berlin, for example).

    Also, destroyable stations for now aren't planned to play a major role on FL:EU (only on Bar missions).

    FW out.

    I can write some stories...

    Well, FL has a LOT of mods, but many are unfinished, or aren't just that good. People to help the projects? There are many, but they are on their own projects, which maybe will never /b/ released.

    I know my mod could add some more manpower to the FL community, but I think some ppl here already know what's happening in my case. And it happens with other modders too, I bet.

    BP is a cool guy, very important to the whole FL community imho.

    However, only one man can't do so much on a thunderstorm (got it? ^^)


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    Continuing you:

    [..] so they hit google. SWAT should be in 1-10 results for anything FL-related, and also should have a static page (or stickied forum thread/post) explaining everything :)

    Translation of these threads would surely help a lot players who aren't good with english (ppl from Germany, South America, Italy, France, Asia, whatever). For example, FL was EXTREMELY popular here on 2k3, but it ended as the websites' online servers deactivated FL servers to put BF, COD, NFS, OMGWTFBBQ servers.


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    Mr. azza got banned from this forum for including malicious code into his forum signature that was able to manipulate browsers and client PCs

    all his access rights have been revoked
    this forum signature has been deactivated but stored on his account as proof

    behaviour like that shows that he is untrustworthy in every single way

    @university running FF i got at least 20 windows per thread page on which program I should use in order to open chromehtml stuff attached with the thread.

    Mentioning can be quite fair, allright. However, aside from the examples seen on TSP and other sites, I can give you another example of the behavior of some Disco members.

    I'm the moderator of the Brazilian Freelancer community on orkut (like MySpace and other stuff). It has 350+ members, growing like 10 to 20 per month. Well, there are few members making aggressive advertisement there, on threads like "What's the best VHF?", then a Disco guy appears giving links to Disco, saying that it's the BEST mod of FL (note: the BEST mod of FL, not the BEST mod of FL in his oppinion), and on.

    Then the same ad is posted on many other sites.

    Aggressive advertisement, that's it.


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    that reminds me of a story I once read somewhere on the Internet - it was a log from a chatroom, where someone asked for some other user's IP address. He gave an IP address, and the asker said he would hack his computer, and posted messages of his progress. The address given was (localhost). The last line of the log was [client hacker's name disconnected from server] :D

    I wonder what OP did. Also, this hacker is really awesome :D

    And this is, my friends, the cancer that is killing the global community.

    Attacks here and there, ppl trying to pwn each other. Something normal to the mankind - unfortunately.

    aaah nostalgia... the bp's time was excellent indeed... TLR was a nice place to live... i just hope somehow everything go back to that time again. hey op, plz send to bp a hug from me ^^