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  • This one was quoted from the OP's post at the LR, the storyline is mine.

    FL:EU is one of the newest SWAT Portal Projects with Fire_Wolf_br as project manager.
    The mod itself deals with the rumour of the "8" sleeperships, their origin and what happened to them.


    Chapter I - The Exodus Project

    In desperation, the Alliance developed the Exodus Project in the end of the 22nd century. The Coalition's counter-attack was powerful and deadly, and everyone seemed to already know the result of this.

    The Alliance started to build the sleeper ships when they got enough resources. The Exodus Project was the last hope of them. In 2204, they started to build "The Eight".

    The Exodus Project was being developed in two regions: The Jupiter Sector, where were produced and launched the ASF-SS Liberty, ASF-SS Bretonia, ASF-SS Kusari, ASF-SS Rheinland and ASF-SS Hispania. In the Neptune Sector were produced and launched the ASF-SS Gallia, ASF-SS Praetoria and ASF-SS Amazonia. Their father nations had their own squadrons. People from the USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Spain, France and Italy since the start of the war were fighting against the Coalition. The Brazil only had their own squadrons after 2170. Before that they were only acting in mixed-nation squadrons and as Intelligence. The other Allied nations weren't capable to build their own sleeperships

    In 2232, the building of "The Eight" were finished. The Alliance fought for their lives for many years, to defend their hope, and their brethren, but their day of defeat wasn't far away.

    The day of August 10th, 2233 was the D-Day for the alliance. The Coalition since the start of the month started to attack and dominate the Jupiter Sector. The Exodus Project finished and the Operation Exodus started. The eight sleeperships needed to launch and flee safely. Almost all of the Alliance military were in Jupiter. The Neptune Sector was unprotected, without way to defend themselves. And, if one of the sleeper ships there won't be launched they would be destroyed if the Coalition continues ahead. Then, in the biggest battle the Sol system ever seen, the eight sleeper ships fled almost at the same moment from the Sol system. Hours after the sleeper ships flown away from Sol, the Alliance suffered a humilliant loss in Jupiter. It was only a matter of time to all the Alliance remnants in Sol to found their death in the Coalition hands.

    In the Coalition's Operation Annihilation, to take the Alliance's Last Stand in Pluto, all the Coalition's Forward Fleet were there, forming a vast offensive matrix around pluto. The day of the Coalition's invasion was October 12th, 2233. The day of the phoenix, of the death and the reborn for both sides.

    Moments before the Coalition's general would send the attack command to the Coalition's fleet, a Nomad Mothership appeared in that system. An odd and terrific appearance. Alone, appeared from the nowhere, launched a hypertorpedo and cloaked again. The Coaliton only watched those freaking seconds. In an unbelievable moment, the hypertorpedo destroyed the Sol, melting many planets and moons. The once-green Earth were melted. The Coalition were melted. Only few people from the Coalition survived in the most hidden places of Sol, like in the dark side of a Pluto's moon. And the Allied people inside the sleeper ships. A day that should never be forget.

    But it was.

    Only five Basilisks in the dark side of pluto, two Prowlers and twelve Alliance's fighters with their pilots survived. That wasn't the time to battle. Again, decades of fights later, the mankind in Sol was united again, fighting for their lives. Only two Coalition pilots tried to attack the Alliance's survivors, but, as they were outnumbered, they were killed. The other survivors decided to take any usable supplies in the Alliance's Pluto base and flown, with the Coalition pilots, to Sirius. Two years later, only one Prowler could arrive in Sirius without running out of fuel and supplies, using the supplies of the other ships. Inside of the Prowler were and one Coalition and six Alliance pilots arrived in the Planet Manhattan. After they told what happened, the Liberty provisory government didn't believed in their story, but they collected all the necessary data and accepted that they live in Manhattan, where they found their death of natural causes, with the exception of the Coalition pilot, dead by the grandson of a Alliance general which was killed in action in Sol.

    With the time the story of the Sol survivors were archived and forget, until the year of 775 AS, where a guy called Orillion got the files, and nobody felt the lack of that files. And the Orillion's organization learned the truth.

    Chapter II - After the Lone Star

    Eight years ago, Jun'ko Zane and Edison Trent landed in Planet Manhattan to receive the biggest gift that a pilot can receive: The Lone Star. A glorious day, although many people were confused: two people that were fleeing from the Navy times ago now were receiving The Lone Star. Rheinland stopped with their "encephallic viral" madness, and strange ships were continuously seen in the Edge Worlds. Strange, but good old times.

    Two weeks after that event, LSF pilots in Sigma-17 discovered something... different. The radiation effects of the Freeport 7 opened a Jump Hole. As that region was under severe care of the LSF, any foreigner didn't discovered what was happening there. When they took the Jump Hole, they arrived in new space. A big surprise came: they were in the Amazonian space. The sleeper ship Amazonia arrived in Sirius and succesfully landed. Making contact with them, they signed a treaty in the Planet New Sao Paulo: the Amazonian government would provide mineral resources and part of the reconstruction's income for Liberty and its own reconstruction. In exchange, Liberty would provide technologies for the Amazonian systems.

    Chapter III - The Sirius Union

    After the end of the episode known as the "Rheinland Madness" in 795, both Rheinland and Kusari were in a poor situation. While the Rheinland people were hungry and angry, Kusari, with its own isolationist nature, was fearing a Liberty commercial invasion in its territory, like what happened in Rheinland after the 80-Year War.

    Then, the new Rheinland's Chancellor, Chancellor Hoffmann, asked a meeting with the Kusari Shogunate. The Rheinland's offer was: as the Rheinland needed desperately to merge from its almost bankrupt status and Kusari needed to rebuild some things destroyed, Rheinland would help to rebuild or repair Kusari's facilities. In exchange, Kusari would send to Rheinland basic goods, from Food to H-Fuel. The Shogunate, weeks later, accepted.

    After the Kusari's decision, many of the Rheinland Military capital ships, useless in that moment, were sent to the ALG, Kruger and Daumann facilities, where the ships were dismantled and its components transformed in Alloys and other goods. These cargo were sent to Kusari, including the GMG, as New Tokyo and Honshu were the most affected by the "Rheinland Madness", and Honshu is very important to GMG. Also, Liberty imported less H-Fuel from GMG as it was importing from Amazonia and GMG were needing to sell the H-Fuel stocked.

    Months later, Rheinland and Kusari were more stable. In the end of the second year, Rheinland ended its bankrupt status and both houses initiated more tight relations in many ways, until they signed the mutual protection pact. That was the start of the Sirius Union.

    Chapter IV - The Amazonian Dawn

    The many resources stored by the Amazonian stations possibilited for them a fast upgrade of all the Amazonian bases. In everywhere there were a lot of work to do. Trade Lanes and Jump Gates were built, the materials of the old stations, equipment and weapons were refurbished and used to build new ships, equipment and station parts. If someone new arrived in one of the Amazonian systems, he would thought that the house had its first contact with the other houses centuries ago. The Amazonian rebuild was in the start a Liberty Top-Secret project, but later it was announced, starting with the Amazonas - Sigma-17 Jump Gate and later the Omega-25 - Omega-7 Jump Gate constructions. But the reaction from the other houses was somewhat bad, as Liberty was using Amazonia to their own income.

    Chapter V - Everyday has a Dawn and a Sunset

    Soon another Jump Holes leading to Sigma and Omega systems were discovered from both Amazonian space and its own border worlds. But the connections were discovered by criminals, hunting these connections for new systems. This possibilited in an upgrade of the Amazonian criminals, too. Abandoning their old ships to use other, more deadly. This is the rule of survival.

    Liberty used Amazonia to expand their business, and they didn't announced the Amazonia discovery before to their own interests, and importing less commodities from Kusari and Rheinland. In the middle of the year 800 AS the other houses and the whole Sirius discovered about the Amazonia's existence. Then, all the other foreign companies started their operations in Amazonia, as Liberty couldn't block nothing.

    In 801, all Sirius knew about the Kusari-Rheinland pact. To their own protection, and without taking suspicions, Liberty and Amazonia carefully started to make larger militaries, and signed a mutual protection pact, making the alliance today known as the "Freedom League". Bretonia, suffering with the Corsairs, started to build more capital ships to defend their territory. And maybe for the other houses.

    Chapter VI - The Bloody Sunset

    Since when Liberty knew about Amazonia and started to send ships to the new space, they were always using Bretonia as a passage, not only because Bretonia was an old friend, but also because Rheinland was so dangerous, in their political desorganization. When Liberty needed to send Navy ships for training and to help to patrol the Amazonian space, they asked permission of Bretonia. Bretonia granted the Liberty's exchange, and opened Manchester, the East sector of New London and Cambridge for the Navy, but in exchange Liberty would pay 1 billion of credits to Bretonia each two years. A expensive, but needed price.

    In the end of 801, two patrolling Rheinland Military pilots flying in Omega-11 started to experience malfunctions with their ships, due to the dying sun's radiation. When the oxygen support of their ships started to fail, they tried again to send an alert to everyone passing nearby. One Liberty Navy ship with one Amazonia Military Forces ships answered the Rheinlanders' call, but they arrived too late, because they arrived only in time to see the Wraiths' starting to disintegrating themselves, ending in an explosion. When the Liberty-Amazonia ships were flying away, a Daumann convoy appeared, salvaging the Rheinland Military ships'databases. Days later, the New Berlin government released the databases' messages: "This is Rheinland Milit... We're under... need assistance!... Liberty Navy........", also asking explanations for the Liberty government.

    The message was: "This is Rheinland Military Lambda 4. We need help! We're experiencing heavy problems due to the sun radiation! We're under problems! SOS! We need assistance! *finding the League ships in range* Liberty Navy ships, we're experiencing ship problems, please rescue us!" The second ship database couldn't be read. Also, the Rheinland government requested arguments from Liberty, but the Liberty explanations weren't enough for Rheinland. With both sides ready for the war, with all the needed requirements, as neutrality, large military, and the destroying of friendly ships with another military ships in sight, the Sirius War started. Rheinland and Kusari are now fighting together against Liberty and Amazonia. A misunderstanding as the cause of the war. Now we are in the year 802 AS. Both sides hide some secrets, odd secrets. Both sides march - or fly - to the enemy's heart. Both sides are prepared for the unforeseen consequences. Or no?

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