is there any new system that i can explore :P

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  • hi. i am Leroy Demon but you can call me Leroy. so my question is there any new System that i might try look for one :)
    step 1: i done explore Dom Kavash Space

    step 2: i am Neutral to all hostile aliens but only one hostile is Nomads because they look like this. Nomad: :angry: you Leroy YOU'RE NOT WELCOME HERE DIE!!!

    step 3 kill the nomads that try to stop me from visit all the hidden system

    Step 4 ummmm.... i geus i start all over again from single player because its fun ^^

  • okay i will try that

  • i found a way in finally :D
    i got it.png

  • well should i or not put a video how to get inside in singleplayer XD

  • i make video how admins get in XD

  • how to get inside as admin in Nomad outpost LOL Win!

    how to get inside as Normal player in Nomad outpost lose!

    admin: heh no one will get in

    player: FFfffffffffff......

    The End

  • i wont do a video

  • 10 hours later player found a way in :P

    Player: i did it :O . I DID IT!!! :D