• It’s a nice peaceful morning aboard the slipshod bucket of rust Battleship commanded by Dr Dredd. It starts off as usual, a nice coffee in the morning, a newspaper in hand, and a view of clear space right on the bridge of the |DP| Nautilus. The only thing that differed from making it the perfect morning was the sudden coms alert that shook Dredd and ended up spilling his hot coffee all over him. Normally Dredd would’ve cursed and ignored it, but no one would call if it wasn’t urgent. He sighs and answers it only to find it wasn’t necessarily a call, but rather an automated call conveying a bunch of coordinates which with thorough research ended up to be precisely in the Weth system at the Mrrtrak battle station which was rather odd... the invaders were cleared out years ago, and humans can’t pose no significant threat. Since this was extremely odd, Dredd decided to take the call out, preparing his battleship and setting course for Omega-3.

    So far, Dredd hasn’t encountered too many threats. The occasional Corsair and Red Hessian raid often crossed his path, which Dredd let through out of the goodness of his blackened heart but also because time is of the essence to see what the callout was for in Weth. At long last, he arrives in a dead and quiet system. Omega-3, Which is not only home to one of two Hypergates to the Inner Core, but also home to a new clan, one which he needs to avoid. And much to his luck, he made it safely to the Hypergate. At first glance, he thought that they must’ve been disabled, but when he asked to board, he was met with a positive AI response. As soon as he boarded, he tried talking to the AI, but they only replied with simple ‘yes’ and ‘no’ answers. He then suspiciously refueled and resupplied his Nautilus then hurried back on it to journey back into the Inner Core...

    Dr Dredd sighs in a state of peace as he stares at the beautiful ring around a supermassive black hole. He mutters to himself about how if he could make a base right here, he promises himself he’d stay there forever, but for now, he had more pressing matters to attend to... the sudden callout about Weth. He cautiously travels around the blackholes, through countless systems until he hits the small jump gate to Weth. He sighs to himself knowing he can’t bring anything bigger then a frigate through the tiny gate. So he set his famed Nautilus to autopilot around the system keeping itself busy while he launches out of its hangers in a fully decked out Chimera fighter. He jumps into the next system and gasps in shock seeing something truly horrifying

    All around him are the debris of the three main Defense stations that guard the very entrance to the Daam’Kavosh empire. He shakes his head in disbelief and decides stupidly to take the trade lane down to the Mrrtrak battle station. As soon as he got there however, an even more horrifying scene flooded his head...

    Never Fear! Lucifer is here!
    |DP|Lucifer, the ultimate engine of destruction is at your in-game disposal for a small fee of credits!
    whether it is to sniff out a dodgy cop, to track smuggler's, or even to destroy a pirate or freelance Mercenary

    The choice is in your hands!
    Contact |DP|Lucifer in-game for any help related to above
    The charges may vary with his mind, but it will be no doubt a small fee for our troubles.

    Contact him today!