Operation Varyag - Unknowns

  • Operation Varyag - Unknowns ...

    Operation Varyag1 - Unknowns. All started few weeks ago with the coalition_emissary arrival at Freeport 11. It was not his first visit and he was quite well informed about our operational possibilities. This time he asked if we can support smaller coalition police operation2 in rarely visited Sirius space. Time and date for operation was not given, because coalition squad did not finished theirs job yet. But some preliminary preparations were necessary to do asap. In next 48 hours one from the TSH prisoner ships reached Planet Malta orbit and was negotiated agreement (they are always ready to listen when are moneys involved) with Outcasts government about our longer presence there. Combat pilots personnel was put in a High Alert and escort ships were prepared for longer operation in Unknowns. Our last Intel from Nomads controlled space was little outdated and informations gathered from occasional explorers were alarming ... there were heard a rumors that Nomads reconfigured theirs ships and become even bigger threat to humans ships. Preparations were done and few weeks have passed without any further news when ...

    Planet Malta low orbit

    Small combat ship Flathead piloted by TSH officer was already passing green nebula in Omicron Alpha, when ship computer displayed request for open direct communication channel. Signature with coalition marks identifying incoming call was well known to the officer, only his old friend Ajay still used the old Earth coding. Secured communication channel was established, but this time it looked like he is more busy as usual, in the channel background were heard silent explosions echoes and hull crackling. However his face showed on display was calm like usual ... obviously an side effect from his many won poker matches


    . Message which he delivered was clear, coalition was close to finish theirs business in Unknowns and they will need a "


    " soon. Officer thanked for message and quickly headed to the Planet Malta, was not any free time to waste. Only twelve hours have passed and mighty prisoner liner bearing TSH signature started from the Planet Malta main starport and entered the planet low orbit. In few minutes arrived an escort, two TSH police officers in fighters. This small fleet was almost ready to leave, when in open communication channel voiced message about a missing tax payment. Alone AS pirate was at full speed coming to planet with clear attempt to ... to die


    ... only a few seconds later, without the need for prison liner use its turrets, was pirate ship destroyed. Ship remnants were still slowly falling into planet atmosphere when arrived third TSH officer. All was ready for operation start, cruise engines were activated and four police ships headed to an unknown jump-hole in green nebula.

    Planet Lost Paradise

    Deva station

    It was rather a quick journey to the Planet Lost Paradise, but lasted long enough to confirm rumours about the Nomads changes. They were looked like a new, and the ship's computers confirmed also changes in weaponry. TSH ships arrived to destination and escort entered planet atmosphere, two minutes timer has been started. Coalition personnel extraction was done quickly and all theirs captives were securely locked in the liner's prison cells ... theirs faces were still like in a shock, was obvious that they never thought that coalition can come here after them. Leading coalition officer arrived on liner bridge and after a brief report asked if he can use one from ship's secured computers.

    On computer monitor were displayed detailed data for a plasma weapon. This was nothing so new, but some from specifications were on closer look very interesting. Coalition officer answered an obvious question which was clearly displayed in our eyes:

    "I need your help and cooperation with retrieving this weapon from local Nomad base and bring it back to the Altair. My senior officer gave me a permission to give you all these technical data, because time is very essential for us in this matter and we need sample or samples of this weapon as quickly as possible on the Planet Murmansk."

    Here was not needed to think about this too long and Nomads bombers wing on collision course shortened time for decision making even more. All four ships in close formation set theirs course around blue nebula to nomad base called the Deva station. Coalition_squad accompanied with ours small unit of troopers penetrated into the Nomad base and they have returned with two long sealed steel boxes. Was a time to leave the area quickly. Nomads in the meantime gathered several fleets in nearby and only our risky maneuver when we have slipped through between the nebula and Sun (

    ... on liner board it was less risky as in fighters


    ) bought us enough time to reach jump-hole without fighting.

    Planet Crete

    Journey back was much more dangerous, as it was to travel there. Issues started right after a jump through unstable jump-hole which is only the one known connection between the Lost Paradise system and the other unknowns. Prison ship appeared on other place as her escort, and run with the time have been started. Knowing the local hazards was half of success and liner therefore avoided the direct course leading through yellow nebula right into the area with highly explosive gases. Way around was longer, but allowed safe jump to Lower unknown. There was waiting small Nomads patrol, but they were too slow to at least scratch the liner's shields. Next jump to Omicron Gama was ending much worse, numerous Nomads patrol with the dense green nebula, which significantly slowed the human ship, resulted in more damages inflicted deep to the ship hull. But cruise engines of the prison liner remained fully functional and brought the ship to safety. Fighter escort, which was delayed by only a few minutes, annihilated all nomads in Gamma and joined the prison liner above the Planet Crete. Soon after started on the liner board debriefing and were planned next steps.

    Was needed a few days to do all repairs to the prison liner, but further journey to the Altair space is therefore possible ...

    1Operation name was taken from one from coalition starlancer ships - https://swat-portal.com/forum/…r/missions/#a-autoMark_21
    2Ajay's blog: Ajay's Story 2.0: Lost And Found Paradise.