Crossfire 1.9 crashes to desktop when Walker dies in Mission: 11

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  • Greetings, usual CF player here.

    As the title said everything, I keep crashing to desktop in the very moment when Walker about to die in Mission 11, after fleeing from the prison.
    I know, I'm kinda late with it, but I was saving for a new video card, just so I can enjoy this masterpiece.

    It was love on the first sight, managed to land on Buffalo after 6 hours of playing.... well yeah, in ~6 hours I managed to get to meet Orillion for the hundreth time, knowing I'm about to finish the Original Campaign, and enjoy the new missions. So, jump in the in-system jumphole, took out the cloak-detecting-satellite thing, fight our way to Alaska, landed, take off.. Oh, forgot to mention, I was messing with the graphics in the beginning, as for some kind of troubleshooting. So the fancy crossfire loading screen disappeared, changed to the original one, without any text, but blue changed to red in the loading screen. Anyway, after 5 complete reinstall mentioned everywhere (fmm, fl, cf, everything) and about 1,5 hours, managed to at least start with the first mission. Well, kinda.. since when I was in space, all the space-cutscenes are nothing but a black screen. I can do my usual stuff after the black screen finished their lines, no problem with that.. if you play fl sp for years, it's kinda get boring, since I know the whole storie's lines.. not to show off, just to mention, not seeing the cutscenes didn't ringed any bell in my mind that it could be any problem if I could play after that.

    So, fleeing from Michelle, I mean Sidewinder, in formation with Walker and his crew, approaching the gate.. well, LNS phoenix was shot down, walker attempts his suicide, but the crashing eventually saved him for a brief moment.. ctrl+shift+esc, shutting down the fl process, and playing skyrim trying to forget about the hate I managed to collect while seeing that something I was waiting for years just crashed in the very end, not letting me even try out the new campaign.

    This was 4 days ago.. yes, I'm trying to fix it for 4 days now, learning every single article from A to Z, actually finding something about the problem posted by other member, but couldn't remake his fix. after about 20+ complete reinstall, couple of headaches and even getting cold from the restless nights trying to fix it (jk) I'm left without hope. Tried every possible combination, from the very low-end graphics to "ultra" even trying the medium settings, messing with the lights, Juni's clothing, Trent's outfit.. nothing works.

    So, here I am, my "love at first sight" became into "hopeless ex trying to mess with my life" kind of things, since I'm dedicating my very free time to fix it, without any chance to actually make it work again, and at least try out the new campaign.

    I'm looking for really helpful things, like savegames past that point, not that "tried to turn it on and off again?" since I tried it countless times. Sorry for the harsh tone, or any assault words, but I'm really hopeless about this, enraged, all sort of things. Yeah, also spent 2 days downloading CF 1.9 client, since I have 20kbit/s mobile internet, or dial-up if this is the word Englishmen uses (I'm Hungarian) and can't get better one since.. since my location where I live. This isn't the problem, my sanity, my fl, and my downloaded cf client.

    I'm afraid I can't provide with any reward, except few kudos, karma etc., but this fight with me against CF is like trying to brake a rock with eggs, and not vica versa.
    Anything helpful is welcome here, thank you for reading this, have a wonderful day!

  • Hello Hell, :)

    please upload your last 2 MISSION saves.

  • (!) Your saves might get deleted...but it is worth it if you want a clean and enjoyable version of CF without errors.

    Try removing EVERYTHING related to freelancer , flmm cf and the standard version...
    After you remove all of them type on the start menu run, then regedit and enter.
    You are in your computer's registry...Type Ctrl + F and write the word " Freelancer " , now press delete every time untill it says complete .
    Repeat F3(search the next item with freelancer word in it) and then delete (to erase it)
    Now install standard freelancer , FLMM , and CF ...activate the mod with normal settings just in case...
    If this does not help the latest graphic card drivers and make sure your pc is up to date.
    If there is still a problem your graphics card is messed up or your pc needs format...
    I'm not an expert but this could work :)

  • Which windows version you use? Have you active windows aero?

    black sequences -> disable the visual styles while playing

  • Well, thank you both for your replies!

    Sorry Prisma, but as I mentioned, I tried every single possible way to delete the very last of data connected to freelancer. Using the regedit was my first step doing that.
    About the save games, I deleted all of them, thinking that in one of the previous saves, there might be a problem, a missed event which could trigger the 2 bs's explosion later, since It happened to me several times. Thinking about starting again, but 6 hours is still 6 hours..

    Pc drivers are fresh from the oven, and I could say that I won't reformat my whole pc :P So much programs I fixed single handedly, and I think I can't remake them once again.. So I could say goodbye to AC, Gta 4, Skyrim, Word, AVS, and things like that just in order to pass the eleventh mission.. also I'm a youtuber, making videos, I have 200gb+ raw uncut files, what I have to analyze, edit/cut and stuff, which is many many more hours.

    I bought a GT 650 2gb roughly 2 weeks ago, which can handle almost everything related to graphics, effects, and so on.. so I doubt that there could be a problem regarding the explosion of the 2 battleships, since I have 60 fps while playing crossfire. In extreme fleet battles, like the one in the sevent mission, was the only time when I had short fps drops, but not below 30 fps. As I'm not an expert, I don't know which are the factors and modifiers, so I can talk vegetables (oh my precious vocabulary to express my feelings) about video cards and such, I am currently walking in shadows, blinded.

    Also, when I give up counting how many times I reinstalled crossfire, it always crashed to dekstop before the whole fp7 scene would start. Once, I pressed F1 in the very first milliseconds of the scene.. I don't know how. But I just go to the video settings, set everything on low, then voala, the scene started.. after that, there was the mentioned black screen stuff, about in-space cutscenes, since I couldn't see wat was happenening, but when Trent arrived at Manhattan, the scene showed the pelican landing, etc. Also, that was the time when the fancy yellow cf loading screen changed without even telling me why.

    Anyway, very thankful about the help, still trying to make it past the eleventh mission. Also sorry about the wall of words, I just love writing :)
    Oh, forgot to mention, I have this occasionally rare and fortuned kind of pc.. laggy, not working firewall, not enough ram, but strong enough to handle programs which require extreme resources (minecraft with amplified terrain 350 fps+.. what else can I say) And I think this could cause all this.

    Aw, yeah, installed cf 1.7 a week ago, it was working without a problem. So there must be something with my download, or my cursed pc ^^

  • You have Crossfire 1.7 or 1.9? :)

  • Quote

    ...installed cf 1.7...

    ?(? ?(

    (Martind, again faster) :P


    Got an idea for a possible reason :
    where did you downloaded your Crossfire 1.9 from ?
    I remember having some probs with the download from here (some-lng-time ago),
    something wrong with checksums.

    Then I got it from here, MODDB and ever since
    I'm happy :), after I "developed" :verrueckt:this method of installation
    as well as another method of securing myself from any AV-program inflictions.


    Am I a man ? I am. So - I got married. House, wife, children,everything.
    The FUULL catastrophy !

    "MY MACHINE": Win 7 prof 64bit , i7 3770K , vtx HD7950 X-edition , 8 GB DDR3-2400 , Sandisk 256 ultra , 2TB Seagate, BenQ BL2710PT (2560x1440)

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  • About the question regarding that I own 1.7 or 1.9... both. :P
    I only said this, since 1.7 was working perfectly, made another freelancer directory where I put 1.9, and, well, here is the problem with mission 11.

    And I only download mods for freelancer from moddb - exception is discovery, I don't know where did I possessed it's download link.. maybe the old megaupload - so yeah, I have the legit freelancer, legit crossfire .flmod file, and the legit flm manager. Actually, I just gave up trying to fix it, reinstalled it for the last time, and now I start it again.. maybe I can write again around 8-9 pm, if I managed to play trough this mission.

    No edit yet: I already launched the fl, just so I will be done with the cutscenes.. Again, same problem mentioned first, crash to desktop before FP7 even seen.. well, I have some fun trying to fix it again.

    Have a nice day!

  • Maybe 2 things which can help:

    1) index.php?page=Article&articleID=966&languageID=1#How to avoid graphic problems while playing Freelancer

    2) which video-codecs you use? (some codec pack installed?)