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    As a returning player after many years , i can not express how i appreciate all the content and work that has been put into this mod. I always love and prefer crossfire over other FL mods. Keep up the good work and as always take all the breaks you need , RL stuff are always more important than anything.

    ~ a huge fan

    Apparenty..i just solved every problem i have...Dont ask me how..well ask me ill tell ya XD
    SO...I always install all of my games in "My Documents" folder...thats where i was installing freelancer too...For no reason at all .. that hit my head when i was making breakfast today,on all of the guides that i've seen..they talk about something but they are always start with .."once blabla u go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\ blabla " And for some reason i wanted to try installing freelancer on C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\ instead of My Documents folder, I doubted that it would work but i was so bored that i gave a try...I didnt even disabled UAC or uninstalled my AV i didnt care at all just wanted to try it :P .. Ok everything was done..i restarted after activating and when i opened my pc and clicked on freelancer.exe ..i was so surprised that an update came updated to a new launcher then downloaed 547 updates...I pressed multiplayer and it opened... instead of popping up irritating crash codes like always...well it crashed within the movie and i changed shader and it worked fine. WELL...I made a new charachter and i was able to fly in space..and talk to people! :D Surprising enough the problem was that i was installing original freelancer in My Documents folder instead of C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\ ... IM SO HITTING MY HEAD

    so..i open freelancer from the folder inside FLMM ..flmm > mods > crossfire 2 > exe > freelancer exe... ok first of all i opened it as admin then it sayd something about 4 dlls missing..Qtcore Qtwebkit Qtnetwork4 something like that..then i remembered i have those dlls in my vanilla folder..i copy - pasted there and i opened freelancer.exe ...launcher open and launcher update started 0/1 .. then it reopened and now it downloads 130 updates :DDDD I think i fixed it! Ill keep u updated.

    Vanilla is in standalone folder , 8.01 GB 17.779 files , 887 folders

    And crossfire mod ( inside FLMM ) is 6.47 GB 8.638 files 828 folders.

    Ok so..I'll tell you the exact steps i take when no Freelancer data is in my computer ... Ok first of all i uninstall every antivirus in my system uac just in case...then i install vanilla freelancer the original ... I open it up accepting warrancy and that stuff... then i close it.. I install FLMM then ..and i locate freelancer.exe flmm opens fine ..then i close it. After that i install crossfire , and i install it by default ( flmm > mods > crossfire 2 ) all options selected ( net framework etc ) then it install ... after that i create desktop icon and it finishes.. after that if i open freelancer.exe from the vanila standalone file it opens the launcher but no updates...nothing , if i open freelancer.exe from the desktop icon though ..i click SP or MP and it says if i want to start the updates ..i select yes.. thenit downloads 4 updates and after that :
    15:08:17.125 --> [i]:Starting Update...

    15:08:33.094 --> [i]:Prepare Crossfire Start

    15:08:34.824 --> [i]:Starting Crossfire

    15:08:36.034 --> [x]:Error assigning game options [E0000006E]

    15:08:36.384 --> [x]:Error creating game directory [E00000076]

    15:08:36.384 --> [x]:Missing Freelancer.exe file [E00000084]

    I have no idea what i'm doing wrong , i followed every guide step to step ..i even restarted my pc after each install ( Vanilla install then restart ..etc )

    Ok , so.. I uninstalled everything again , uninstalled my antivirus , disabled UAC and windows defender , Reinstalled using the "fool" method .. i know im doing it right..i just dont get any updates after launcing from freelancer.exe , it just opens and when i click SP or MP it gets me to the game...on SP it works all fine but on MP i crash to desktop when i get to space(works on manhattan) i have no idea..i've tried anything...Maybe send me an updated laucher or something?idk. 17007 files and 8.04 GB size

    Coz its the only way i can actually get into game from SP at least , if i start it manually from Freelancer directory > EXE > Freelancer.exe , opens my launcher but when i click SP or MP it just downloads 4 updates and at the 4th it stops saying Freelancer.exe is missing.

    Hello , so...this is my countless attempt to start playing crossfire multiplayer... I recently changed my antivirus so i had a chance now that i have no antivirus installed ..(in case that was the problem) Ok, Installation went perfect , As soon as i restart..i select Freenacer.exe , launcher pops up , i select multiplayer and it downloads 4 updates...when it is finished it says freelancer.exe is missing? WUT!? .. Then i open my freelancer from FLMM , it doesnt update anything and gets on game..i can make a char and be on Manhattan..but as soon as i launch to crashes me to desktop , Single player works fine ( thank god ) ... So ..

    i havent played multiplayer since 2.0 came out..idk what i'm doing wrong i cant figure this *** out ... been following FAQ guides step to step in each of my installation... even deleting manually registry entries for each re-install , Any help would be appreciated.
    PC specs : Windows 10 , 32bit
    Ram: 4GB
    2.40 Ghz intel i3 core proccessor. :thankyou:

    Every time i try to open Single Player or MP on 2.0 it loads the intros untill the Freelancer Crossfire 2.0 page then it kicks me to desktop saying freelancer not working...It is installed okay and i tested it without AV no solution...