The 4 Strafing Flying Method

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  • Hello All,

    I just want to know whether this type of flying or what others call as the 4 strafing (left right up down) is not allowed in CF MP? Several players complain to me that i cheat and quit the fight.
    For me, it is not easy to master the techniques, i have to sacrifice by not using missiles and EK during PVP in order to make it perfect. FYI, i use the arrow keys to do this (left hand) and right hand on the mouse (6 buttons). All the firing, boosting, braking, CD and CM on the mouse. Before, i got a thumb small stick, but, broken already due to heavy use.
    Frankly, i'm quite fed up with all these complains.

    Please, tell me if there is anything wrong with it... Thank you very much...

  • OK .. so first .. use strafe is fully normal, use strafe to all directions too. Is not alloved use macros or play with internet traffic to gain certain advantages. If there will be again problem regarding strafying, then please use ticket-system (broken server rules category). .. thx.

    p.s: I talked with Moon, he has in mind something else, but probs like was on screenshot in space should not repeat. Next time will be used ticket-system for proper report.

  • Historically, gunners have had the advantage in PvP on the server, but all the top guns use strafing in conjunction with engine kill (momentum with 0 thrust). The "K" button is usually mapped to this function, so at top thrust speed, you cut engines, retaining unidirectional momentum, while using "mouse flight" to rotate your ship for shooting. You won't do very well in PvP without mastering this manoever...

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  • Well, that attached image was incomplete, as Forlon noticed and solved, the "complainer" was refering to something else, not just strafing. Not that player, at least.

    Anyway, while there's no evidence of you (or somebody else) doing repetitive movements that look like too perfect/macros, strafing and any other tactic is just fine.

    Strafe technique and your 0.2 to 0.4 seconds delay due to ping is kinda problematic, indeed, as that's enough time for you to be on the other side of where the bullets were targeting by when they try hit you. Still, no real/rules-related problem.

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  • Thanks all for the reply. Well, since Forlon already talked with Moon and looks like the issue is not the strafing, then i guess Moon might be referring to my lag due to high ping.
    This high ping is something i cannot do anything by the way. Normal connection is 390 ping, but i bought StrongVPN now to get about 230 ping. But, that is still high though.
    I'm not good in this computer thing, but can the server do any exception on my case, just asking btw.

    Regarding the strafing, i use the Arrow keys, i'm quite an old guy, my brain is almost full already, so, to know more on macro or any other program, i think i cant handle it anymore.

    I like CF very much, that's why i'm willing to buy an expensive StrongVPN to play it, even donating monthly to the server. But, if others keep complaining or giving warning like that, hmmmmmm... i just dont know....

  • Can be good idea talk with other side. Some ppl not have problem when fight with someone who have small lag (unless he rly jumps around all screen). I sometimes too play on poor connect so if this who is again me complain I appology and go to do something else (trade,explore, IC). But explanation you posted is imo more as good enough for every normal player (me included, thx).

  • I have experienced that I lagged after "messing" with graphics settings (vsync and Anti-aliasing). The resultswere that nobody could fly in formation with me and I jumped really much. To me it looked like all the others were lagging, as my game was running smooth ?(
    Dunno if this is an issue here aswell.

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