Inner Core Expedition #2565

  • Was about time to leave Mirtrrak Battle station. Fleet-Admiral Forlon checked his com for the last time. He received more reports that a small fleet is gathering in Omega-3 under Lieutenant Hasashi command, but there was enough time to scout before the raid was launched. Admiral thought that this is good occasion to test Lieutenant leading skills and for him to enjoy the convenience of flying like an ordinary wing pilot. Friendly Dom'Kavash officers uploaded last patrol routes the enemy Dooms were using, and shortly after a small fighter left Mirtrrak Battle Station and entered formation with the big IOC Battleship. More dooms wings tried their luck, but all were destroyed. Alas maneuvering in Jormdar was too aggressive and the fighter, while escaping a bomber wing, got heavily damaged by the Sun corona. There was no chance to continue and repairs was done back in Weth. Most of the ships parts were replaced, and all systems started to work again... Right on time to be able to reach the "meeting point" in Venn and randevouz with the raiding party. All ships reached the meeting point, but Lieutenant Hasashi's ship was missing. Members reported that his last known position was near Planet Ryl where they were ambushed by a big Warrior fleet lead by the Spiderlike Dreadnought. However, before the decision to return, and search for him, a message got received by one member that Lieutenants ship had an engine failure and he will need some time before the nanobots do the necessary repairs. Second part of the message contained info that he successfully landed on Planet Ryl and that he is well hidden in planet mountains. With this info the decision was made to continue the raid and the fleet was divided in two groups. The raid continued very well for some time, and the squad lead by Admiral Forlon was able to destroy many wings in asteroid field located at coordinates F/5 in Jormdar. Alas, one Dom'Setek light fighter wing was able to destroy Lieutenant Snake's ship and shortly after the connection was lost with the second squad that was in Mepther. Admiral decided to ask for help from Weth and retreat using "backup" route through Sadurn and Pyrddra systems. Dom forces were unable to relocate fast enough their heavy fleets and local fighter patrols failed to destroy escaping human ships. Weth system was reached with big amount of advanced weaponry, but the price for this was high.