WC4 Remastered Jumps Into Hellespont With New Cockpits & Music

We're happy to kick off the new week with another exciting update from the WC4 Remastered team! They've posted a new article where they dig into the development of the game's third mission. It's the first time players get to experience a new fighter, so this includes deploying a second cockpit and implementing alternate HUD locations for certain items. There's also new information about the ability to play bespoke music at certain contextually relevant points during a mission. There's even a video about this in more depth! Check out the full article here.


Getting the new cockpit in wasn’t smooth sailing, though. The Hellcat cockpit was held together by a number of hacks from our first trailer. Now, everything is data-driven and reusable, with no hardcoding in sight, making future cockpits much easier to implement.

Each ship can now have its own custom HUD layout, necessitated by the different cockpit designs. Like in Wing Commander III, the Longbow has a wheel rather than a stick. Defiance Industries even hopes we’ll have a permanently active turret camera. While I want to make him happy, we have higher priority work first.

The improvements didn’t stop with the cockpit model. With multiple types of missiles, we needed to implement all the variants and adhere to the game data.

We wanted to take a moment to show off some more of FilmCompos3r's amazing work on the project. He's been busy writing new, original, event-specific music for the game. These fantastic new musical themes are composed for specific mission events and serve to heighten the tension and immersion when playing.

It's worth noting that the music has been intentionally elevated over the vocals and SFX in the capture, since that's what we want to show in this video.