Fancy Prophecy Model Incorporates Moving Glowing Engine Pods

Adm_Maverick has a very cool new model project to share! He's souped up a printable model of the Vampire and is making some very cool modifications to it. It's much larger than the original source and the engine pods rotate. As you can see from the pictures below, he's also adding lights so that the engines even glow! The sections that are complete so far look great. You can see more of the subcomponents come together with step-by-step captions at the CIC Forums here.

There comes a point in any project where you look at your in-progress work and you see the work coming together that you’re like “okay… this is looking friggen awesome!” Here is that moment with the Vampire model:


I decided to something crazy and I took the Vampire figure from Thingverse, and upscaled it to produce a roughly 14" long model. Now because of the size of my resin printer, I had to break the model down into segments. But then I also took a step further and wanted to make the engines rotate. So those needed to be separate parts, and the wing pylons needed to be modified to allow the rotation. But then I decided to make it even more involved and chose to install lights in the engines. So crazy enough? Well here is a record of my progress.