Check out Differences From the Early Amiga Rolling Demo Preview

Colonel Halcyon’s uniform is a little crazy in the Wing Commander Amiga rolling demo! The final product reduced everything to 16 colors which looked much closer to the EGA version.

amiga_rolling_demo1t.jpgThe Hornet cockpit slides forward to open instead of hinging up from behind. I can’t explain that change but it didn’t make it to the final version of the port!


  • The preview uses 64-color Extra Half-Brite (EHB) mode while the final version of the game uses the standard 16-color mode.
  • Colonel Halcyon's uniform is grey with a green undershirt and a red insignia.
  • The pilots running during the scramble are noticeably closer together.
  • During the takeoff and landing cutscenes the Hornet cockpit slides forward instead of lifting up. It displays more damage than the game allows during landing.
  • The Hornet cockpit is incomplete and does not have any active instrumentation.
  • The landing cutscene shows the Hornet landing upside down and then backwards.
  • There is one fewer flight deck crewman during the landing cutscene.

Interested in learning more or trying it yourself? I decided to spend some time tonight putting together a WCPedia page on the Amiga demo! Hope to do similar for other demos in the coming days.