Late Night Cargo Pod Post

Mods are asleep, post the Wing Commander III mini-shuttle.

wc34_pods1t.jpgwc34_pods2t.jpgwc34_pods3t.jpgIt's one of the destructible cargo units that attach to the Confederation transport.

wc34_pods4t.jpgwc34_pods5t.jpgwc34_pods6t.jpgwc34_pods7t.jpgAttachments like these were pretty bugged and a bunch were cut from the game late. Here's the set that were intended to attach to the latticework on the Kilrathi freighter!

wc34_pods8t.jpgwc34_pods9t.jpgwc34_pods10t.jpgwc34_pods11t.jpgUnfortunately the bug persisted into Wing Commander IV and so the Confederation transports are all naked. Which is too bad given the number of convoy-related missions you fly! (And: the aforementioned Kilrathi transport.)