And the Winner Is...

We've been collecting votes for the last several weeks, and the winners of our annual Fan Project of the Year contest have become pretty clear!

fanprojectoftheyear_winner_2022.gifIt may come as little surprise, but we have a quite definitive first place choice for 2022. With a commanding lead in our polling, the WC4 Remastered project wins as our Fan Project of the Year! Congratulations to the team! If you haven't given it a spin year, you can still try out the playable demo. The project has generated quite a bit of excitement lately, and we can't wait to see what's in store for 2023!

fanprojectoftheyear_runnerup_2022.gifAs wonderful as our winner is, we had a whole slate of creative endeavors to choose from. Each one earned votes based on their own merits, and all are deserving of high praise thanks to their efforts to keep the WC community engaged and vibrant for another year. Two options bubbled up to the top and rank as our co-runners up this year.

The first is Mac's Lore! And to be fair, it's not just lore videos that he makes. There's a variety of cool wallpapers, animations and other fun shorts that he's put together that all add up to a complete package.

Our second runner up is the Gemini Sector RPG! They've frequently been nominated, but this is their first time in the winner's circle. They had a big year with a decisive conclusion to their long running campaign that helped push them over the edge. Congrats to all! And thank you to everyone for all of your many contributions this year and every year!