Rapier I Holds the Line

It's a good week for Rapier I art. We posted an uncommon 3D render of a fan model a few days ago, and now we've got a top down line art sketch of the CF-117. The rotary neutron gun is a bit long, but the ship portions are pretty good overall. This type of drawing was really big in the late '90s, so I'm surprised we haven't seen more of this over the years. bagera3005 is certainly a fan of this art style with thousands of Star Trek ships and other similar designs in his gallery. He's also made a Kilrathi-inspired ship, pictured below. It's kind of a funky cross between a Goran and a Sorthak by my eye.


My version of Wing Commander Rapier from the movie

newrapiers3t.jpgnewrapiers4t.jpgbagera3005_art2t.jpgIf you'd like to see more cool WC line art, be sure to check out our prior updates.