Early Rev of Nintendo Power Comic Revealed

The Art of Nintendo Power and thepmann shared this delightful version of the famous sketch where Wing Commander is featured in Nintendo Power. It was pretty awesome to be skimming the magazine in 1992 and run across this! Now you can see what it looked like in ink before being colorized.

artofnintendopower1t.jpgartofnintendopower2t.jpgLOAF has some additional insight below. It's very impressive that they nailed the ships!

Super cool to see the original artwork for this!
  • You can identify five distinct ships from Wing Commander I in the strip: Rapier, Hornet, Bengal, Dralthi and Krant.
  • With two drawings of Kilrathi this comic strip technicality has more art of them than the actual SNES port (where they only show up on the VDU).
The terrible punch line also kind of happens on Wing Commander Academy.