New Artwork Visualizes Off-Screen Kilrathi

EmuMusicFan was recently inspired to draw the characters from Wing Commander Action Stations. We don't actually know what most of them look like, so he's based his interpretation off the limited descriptions and cues from the text. The result is a really cool simplified brushstroke design that looks quite sharp. Visit the CIC Forums and let Emu know what you think!


I am not a professional painter. Actually, I haven’t been serious about drawing for a long time. My past experiences mainly came form graffiti on the notepads and class posters when I was a middle school student. I really love some scenes of Action Stations, and this book gave me the enthusiasm to pick up the pen again. Due to my lack of basic painting skills training, it is not surprising that these portraits have some technical problems. I would be grateful if you could give me criticism and guidance.

"My Emperor, my brothers of the other clans, I urge you to consider one point yet again. Now is not the time to wage war upon the Confederation."