PC Patch Notes for 10/10/18

General: Resolved an issue that could sometimes block progression during the Discovery Tutorial when attempting to complete the “Defeat the Remaining Klingons” mission step. Resolved an issue in the Exchange UI that was causing the item cost to not be displayed. Resolved an issue in how inventory was being sorted. Resolved an issue that was causing the Grand Prize announcement to not display the Hur’q Ravager Escort Carrier. Resolved an issue that was causing the "Console - Universal - Temporal Trajectory Shifter" to have the incorrect ability icon, and no recharge timer. Resolved an issue that was causing the Defense of Starbase 1 TFO from not appearing in the Landing Page for players above level 60. “All” tabs in each category of the C-Store have been moved to the end of each tab list. Removed Victory is Life and Dominion Lockbox loading Screens and replaced it with Age of Discovery. Credits have been updated. Known Issues: Enemies in Starbase 1 are not scaling properly. Universal Endeavor Expand/Collapse button is not working properly. Coraline, Ian Kwon, And Tamav have the wrong traits for their species Discovery Starter ship Windows 2 and 3 are missing materials. Cannot reclaim packs from the C-Store that auto-open into items on ground maps. Foundry features have been temporarily shut down.