Server Police

Server police list

What GR's should to to

  • initiating and supporting server roleplay (as far as possible)
  • observing the players behaviour regarding the roleplay and server rules (crossfire rules)
  • answering players questions regarding the gameplay, server rules, roleplay rules
  • assisting players in difficult situations to prevent escalation on the server (handling and/or forwarding reports being received)
  • warn/punish players when server and/or roleplay rules being broken and/or ignored. (evidence and/or witnesses are required)
  • calming down situations on the server, in order to prevent an escalation
  • treating all players the same way

What GR's should NOT to do

  • taking position for a certain player and/or clan (everyone has to be treated the same, objective way)
  • giving detailed information about loot, ships, cargo prices ect. (in order to not spoiling the game)
  • giving any information about other players (eg. IP-adress, locations, player names ect.)
  • giving cash to players
  • using their rights for any clan's and/or players advantage (eg. collecting guns, protecting stores)
  • solving clan intern problems (eg. clan conflicts, punishing intruders ect.)
  • playing any roleplay (eg. taxing, fining, hunting bounties)
  • forcing players to do certain things (eg. pirates taxing others, police fining/chasing criminals ect.)

Even if the GR's are not immediately responding to your call, it does not mean, your call does not get heard or it get's ignored. GR's are also members of clans and therfor also have the right to play as regular player. If a known GR is NOT in a GR-tagged vessel on the server, he does not necessarily have to jump immediately when someone is calling him. GR's are not the player's slave, they are there to support and assist.

What can you do as player to support?

  • play the game in a fair way (acting and talking)
  • use your mind to make the roleplay more interesting for all players ( example 1 example 2 example 3 )
  • do not break roleplay and/or server rules
  • do not force any situations, which could easily escalate (fair play)
  • treat your opponent the same way you want to be treated (fair play)
  • play the role you chose on your own and don't expect the GR's to play it for you
  • report problems either in-game, via PM to the GR's (as listed above) or open new Ticket.