Burning wrecks, dead bodies and the smell of death… destruction where ever you look.

The Humankind is in a state of war. Ships of the coalition started their attacks on the free population of the alliance… millions of people died within the first weeks of this war. Only a few allied outposts were able to force back the attacking fleets. Finally this resistance failed and the borders of the allied nations collapsed. To save the alliance and some of its members the leaders decided to construct several colony-ships. Theses ships break through the blockade of the coalition and set a course to an unknown sector of this galaxy.

This was 800 years ago…

The sleeperships of the old alliance reached their destinations and a new civilization began to grow. The surviving nations build up a new existenz. New technologies were developed, new colonies were found, the different houses spread all over the Sirius Sector and claiming more and more systems for their own. Time passed… new conflicts broke out and many people lost their memories of the conflicts of the past.

We are the BloodGuard… descendants of the mighty "Ministers of Death". 800 years ago the MoD fought against the intruders of the coalition and stroke them back serveral times. They are known as the most honoured pilots of the alliance.

We will never forget what happened.