BloodGuard’s Code of Conduct

BloodGuard is one of the oldest and most successful freelancer clans to ever be a part of Crossfire. As such, we aspire to a certain standard of
quality. That’s why every member has to accept and follow these rules. To be a member of the BloodGuard, means that you must act with honor andbravery.

§1 Respect For Public Areas

This clan is allowed to thrive by remembering and maintaining a standard of respect to our hosts. Crossfire means a lot of work for those involved. We have been graced with the mod we use, and many other facilities (like the forums) by these individuals. As such, it is required that these areas be treated with respect and honor.

If you do not know the rules for these areas you can find them here:

Server Rules

SWAT-Portal Rules

Unless special permission has been given by SWAT staff, these rules always supersede any conflicting clan rules, so you are expected to know
them. Remember acting with decorum while in any sort of public area is the way of BloodGuard, those who can not act with said respect do not
belong in this clan and may be given a dishonorable discharge.

§2 Cheating

Cheating is a serious violation of honor and trust, and is strictly prohibited. If a member of BloodGuard is proven to be a cheater,
(screenshots with a time stamp are needed as piece of evidence), they will be immediately given a dishonorable dismal from the clan, and
possibly banned from the server itself.

§3 Double Clan Membership

We don’t allow our members to be part of another clan. If a member of BloodGuard is proven to have a double membership, they will have to
choose ONE clan. Failure to do so will be considered an attempt to spy on the clan. This will result in a dishonorable discharge, and possibly
even result in am immediate ban from the server and SWAT. (Because it’s considered improper use of clan tags)

Don’t read or post things on another clan’s forum board. Using another member’s rights or privileges to view their private information is unbecoming and is also considering spying. This will be dealt with just as harshly. If you want to interact with other clan members, there are plenty of public areas you can do so, there is no need to enter their forum area.

§4 Recruitment

We encourage all BG members to actively recruit those they think are suitable. However, for security reasons, all potential members must have
gained approval from BG’s clan leader(s) before a new member will accepted. (members can weigh in with their opinions) Please also be aware that any recruit MUST have an account on SWAT portal, and that all members of SWAT are requested to make advertisements and to ask talented new players to join the Portal.

§5 Testing Period

All new BloodGuard members have to undergo a testing period of at least 4 weeks to check their presence and general behavior. During this period, forum access is restricted to open areas like Support, SWAT-Portal meeting point and the open message boards. After the testing period they’ll get access to our clan’s internal forum too.

§6 Meetings

Meetings are a vital part of how we keep members informed. They are held regularly, every other week, on Sunday. Each meeting starts between
20:00h and 20:15h MET. Depending on the content of which may last anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour or more. To attend, load up Skype and make sure you join the “BG Meeting” group.

In the interest of maintaining order and to keep the meetings secure, all members who are attending are asked to change their display name to the name of their character until the meeting concludes. (ie BG_Falcon) To avoid overlap, no voice chats are allowed during meetings. Also, should any of the BG leaders be typing, all other members are asked to withhold adding text until said leader is finished with their typing.

§7 Training

Combat readiness is important in BG.

Training times are listed on a thread in the BG open board or can requested from your wing leader. Participation in training is highly recommended. All pilots are expected to have a fighter that they can use to defend our clan system, and it’s the pilot’s duty to learn how to use it properly. We are after all, a military themed clan. Should your wing leader feel the need, they can request you put more time into training, so try your best!

Additionally, ALL pilots are requested to play and practice with the cadets as much as possible to help them getting experience and to relieve the regular training personnel.

§8 Attendance

Because every successful clan requires some measure of interactivity between it’s members, BloodGuard enforces an attendance policy. This ensures an enriched experience for all clan members, and assists BG command in maintenance of the membership list. This is the policy for absences and the actions taken regarding them.


If someone cannot perform their duties (this includes being in game) for a time period of two weeks or longer, they should report this to their wing leader, and/or BG Command, so the transfer to the appropriate membership area can be made. If we are not informed, you may run the risk of demotion.


Participation of all members in the meetings is a must. Repeated absence from meetings without an excuse (3x) will lead to a warning. If a member isn’t able to come to a meeting, they should post a message in the forum so we can be informed of the absence. Additionally all full members (those above the rank of cadet) may request a special meeting to be arranged for them, however this must be arranged with BG Command beforehand.


Repeated, unexcused absences (3x) will lead to a warning. If a member isn’t able to attend training, a message in the forum is a necessity. Training can NOT be rescheduled, but you can request a private session from your wing leader. (Cadets can ask any wing leader)

§9 General Behavior

We are one squad, one community! One for ALL and ALL for ONE! Ok, there always may appear some small difficulties, but if you can’t get around them, there’s always help available from your wing leader, and if this person can’t help, from the BloodGuard leaders. Punishments can only be handed out by Staff (the leaders and the chief training officers).

A warning is active for a period of 3 months before expiring. A member can only have 2 warnings on their record at once. The first warning is to give you time to correct your actions and show you’ve learned your lesson. Receiving a second warning within the three month period comes with a demotion (one rank below). However, should you receive a third warning before the expiring date, you will be dishonorably discharged from BloodGuard.

§10 Community Communications

Every member has to install Skype. Skype is our main communication terminal. For discussions there are two boards within the SWAT-Portal Forum: the open board and the internal board. The internal board is reserved to confidential themes. The open board is free for all themes as long as they are respectful. So you better not spam there!

Don’t have skype? Download it here:

Download Skype on your computer – Mac, Windows, Linux – Skype

§11 Conduct Within Liberty Systems

While we often assist players in various parts of space, BG members should pay special attention to the defense and protection of those within the liberty area. Our system’s proximity to NY provides us with the opportunity to respond to these threats in a timely fashion, and as such it is our duty to be ready for them when the need arises. Players who threaten others in Liberty should be punished.
(make sure to check if a fight is friendly first!)

In an effort to preserve a sense of order, BG members are discouraged from firing on each other while in this area. Remember that no players (including BG) are ever allowed to attack other players in New York. PVP of any sort is strictly forbidden here, as it is against server policy.

§12 Language

This is an international clan so the main-language is English. Write English on the forum and the chat. Remember to always speak in a respectful manner. A little good natured trash talk during combat is fine, (remember the server rules!) but don’t take things so personally that you lose sight of the big picture.

We are all people, and at the end of the day, we share the server together.

§13 Clan Tag

BloodGuard has a proud heritage and our presence carries weight. As such, we ask that before you tag your character, you choose ONE name for all your characters and stick with it. Any variation of this name is fine, so long as the name is there somewhere. (IE BG_falcon[T], BG_falcon[awesome]) This helps everyone identify each other are and keeps everyone accountable for their actions.

Keep in mind that the BG_tag is a privilege, not everybody can wear it. Because of our history with the server and crossfire in general, a person who wears the BG_ tag is special. If you don’t show up to play, you’re not qualified to wear the BG_ tag. Just showing up in the forum, on Skype, or some other chat program DOES NOT MEAN YOU’RE ACTIVE.

You need to play the game to wear the BG_ tag. So show yourself and kick ass! If you’re not here (in game) to wear the tag, then you don’t have the right to be wearing it, and that could bring your membership into question.

§14 Behavior As A Member Of BG

BloodGuard is a professional clan and that is how we going to act. The clan tag should be worn with pride and the members work as a team. Under this principle there are a few things we all try to do in the interest of uniformity. Some of these are:

– We greet each other.

– We do not abide corruption among our number. (IE no dirty cops)

– BG do not pay taxes to pirates. To help those who prey on the weak is to undo order.

– BG die with honor.. we do not back down from a fight. We fight until the end.

– BG shows kindness and mercy to those in need. Many of the jobs we take are in the interest of the innocent.

-To avoid confusion and hostility BG members always state a warning before opening fire.. the exception being if you are responding to an already ongoing fight. (IE you witness a cop under fire from a pirate)

~ BloodGuard Command reserves the right to change or to expand the rules listed in this COC as needed. ~